Any Man Who Won't Clean Is a Terrible Asshole (Or Old, or Both)

If you are a man in a relationship with someone (most likely a woman) who is fed up with you because you don't clean house at all, or as much, or don't do it competently, or have to be asked, or have to be yelled at, or have to, in ANY way, shape, or form, be spoken to like a misbehaving child or an egregious pet,… » 12/11/13 5:29pm 12/11/13 5:29pm

Household Chores: A Dadspin Ranking And Guide

Chores never end. That's why they're chores. You would think, after a long night scrubbing pots and pans until the skin begins to peel off your hands, that such an effort would absolve you from ever having to wash another dish again. YOU ARE WRONG. There will be more dishes to rinse or clean mere MINUTES later. When I… » 1/29/13 11:00am 1/29/13 11:00am