ESPN's Chris Broussard Got $10,000 To Speak At A Public University

On, Chris Broussard—ESPN’s frequently wrong personality who once said being gay was an “open rebellion to God” and more recently had Mark Cuban call his reporting “ridiculous”—asks, “Is your audience ready to dig deeper and gain more insight into themselves than ever before?” If they are, he… »8/06/15 7:30pm8/06/15 7:30pm

Chris Broussard Is ESPN’s Favorite Kind Of Shitty

Between fucking up his report on the DeAndre Jordan saga and beefing with co-workers about the chastity of Russell Wilson, last week was quite a week for ESPN reporter and self-proclaimed “thought leader” Chris Broussard. With ESPN tightening its belt and sending away expensive, outspoken talent like Keith Olbermann… »7/13/15 2:35pm7/13/15 2:35pm

New ESPN Ombud Finds Breezy Forgetfulness Over Broussard Fracas

Robert Lipsyte's first column as ESPN's ombudsman dissected the squirmworthy Chris Broussard-LZ Granderson showdown when Jason Collins came out. It's just as ombudsy as you like it, 3,300 words of media-ethics spinach. Lipsyte swings his prose like a lead pipe when he sees a deserving target; his reserved tone here… »6/29/13 9:08pm6/29/13 9:08pm

ESPN Chief: We Should Have Been "More Careful With Chris Broussard"

At the network's upfront today, ESPN president John Skipper acknowledged the gross stupidity of Chris Broussard's comments on Jason Collins's coming-out day, when the NBA reporter declared gayness an abomination unto the Lord. (No, really.) ESPN shouldn't have given Broussard that platform, Skipper said, and that's… »5/14/13 1:29pm5/14/13 1:29pm

A Blockbuster Dwight Howard Trade Is About To Happen, And Chris Broussard Is AWOL (Update: He's Back!)

The Olympics are still continuing in their tape-delayed glory and the NFL preseason has now begun in earnest, but everyone is abuzz with talk that a blockbuster, four-team deal that would send Magic center Dwight Howard to the Lakers is imminent. Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski first reported early this afternoon that the… »8/09/12 11:00pm8/09/12 11:00pm

Chris Broussard Tries To Explain His Shoddy, Inattentive Reporting

Chronically distracted ESPN reporter Chris Broussard didn't have the best day earlier this month when he bungled reporting on not one but two developments on the NBA free agent front. First, he became the basketball media community's resident Mr. Magoo, turning a blind eye to Deron Williams agreeing to an extension… »7/27/12 9:30am7/27/12 9:30am

Congratulations, You Are Chris Broussard's Source

Perpetual late-comer Chris Broussard hasn't had a good evening with his "sources." Earlier this evening, he was comically slow on the news that Deron Williams had re-upped with the Brooklyn Nets to the tune of five years and $100 million. How did we know Williams had agreed to stay with the Nets? Williams tweeted it… »7/03/12 11:20pm7/03/12 11:20pm

Deron Williams Will Re-Sign With The Brooklyn Nets For $100 Million

Happy Fourth of July, Nets fans! Looks like that Joe Johnson trade earlier today actually was the start of something good. Word just came down via Deron Williams' Twitter account that he's decided to re-up with the team. Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reports it's for five years and $100 million. Even if Dwight Howard… »7/03/12 7:31pm7/03/12 7:31pm