Bruins Forward Chris Kelly Fractures Femur On Non-Contact Play

The above video of Bruins forward Chris Kelly suffering a non-contact injury against the Stars tonight doesn’t look too bad—though you never know with ligament and joint injuries—and after a few minutes of examination he hobbled off the ice. But as it turns out, the injury was indeed very, very bad, and very, very… »11/03/15 9:58pm11/03/15 9:58pm


Karl Alzner Calls Milan Lucic A Crybaby. Lucic's Teammate Says He Was "An Angry Baby."

Milan Lucic hasn't made much of an impact on the scoresheet, but he's been in the middle of every physical altercation in a physical series in a physical playoffs overall. Lucic picked up three roughing penalties on the night in a 4-3 Bruins win, and on the last ended up in a Karl Alzner headlock. After the two were… »4/17/12 11:40am4/17/12 11:40am