Chris Myers Called Jared Allen "The One-Eyed Monster" On Live Television (Video)

Vikings defensive end Jared Allen got poked in the eye during the third quarter of yesterday's win over the Cardinals. The injury forced him to sit for several plays and to wear a visor to protect his face upon his return. But when Allen sacked Kevin Kolb in the fourth quarter, Chris Myers couldn't resist calling… »10/10/11 1:00pm10/10/11 1:00pm


Chris Myers Needed A Bourbon On The Rocks To Get Through Lions/Buccaneers

Returning from a commercial break, FOX announcer Chris Myers believed his mic was off when he thanks an unknown individual and then specified "bourbon on the rocks." In-game drink order? Post-game plans? What he drank six of last night and that's why he threw up on broadcast partner Tim Ryan's shoes? The world may… »9/12/11 10:50am9/12/11 10:50am