The Weed That Came To Chris Perez's House Was Addressed To His Dog

The standard athlete-busted-for-misdemeanor-weed-possession story is one that's rarely fun to study. The drug in question is less harmful than lots of legal substances, and the details hardly shift (cop pulls someone over, cop smells something, etc.) in each case. But every so often there's a magical detail—the… »6/07/13 7:37pm6/07/13 7:37pm

Chris Perez Drops Some Truth Bombs, Calls The Indians Cheap

There is, perhaps, no unhappier player than a closer on a crappy team. His one marquee statistic, saves, is all-important come contract time. But if a team's not winning, he's not getting the opportunities, and that'll hurt him in his free agency winter. So Craig Calcaterra's theory that Chris Perez is just openly… »9/06/12 12:25pm9/06/12 12:25pm

Indians Closer Chris Perez Confronts A's Fan: "Get Your Dick Out Of Your Mouth"

Oh, Chris Perez. Back in May, when the Indians really were in first place, Perez called out Cleveland fans for their lack of support at the gate. Oddly, he also tends to puke on the mound on occasion. And yesterday, in Oakland, a tipster named Mark says Perez was getting heckled by an A's fan during batting… »8/20/12 9:55am8/20/12 9:55am

Chris Perez Can't Stop Saying True Things About Cleveland Fans

Didn't we do this, like, a month ago? "Guys don't want to come over here and people wonder why," and "Nobody wants to play in front of 5,000 fans," and so forth. The Indians closer actually got a standing O the next time he entered the game, and Cleveland is just a measly half-game out of first, so we thought all was… »6/26/12 6:10pm6/26/12 6:10pm

Indians Closer Chris Perez Celebrated Earning His 20th Save By Projectile Vomiting All Over The Mound

Indians closer Chris Perez has been lights-out this season, and handcuffed St. Louis today in locking up a 4-1 Cleveland win. He did this, it seems, while suffering some degree of gastrointestinal distress—though given that he's done this before, maybe it's some kind of gross calling card. »6/10/12 5:55pm6/10/12 5:55pm