Too Much Is Just Enough: Guardians of the Galaxy, Reviewed

1. The best thing about the Marvel movies, to my eyes, is how self-aware they are without ever getting too winking about it. Captain America and Thor are excellent at this, playing off their leads' lunkheaded, uber-wholesome charm, but 2012's The Avengers—still the best Marvel film, and one of the best superhero… » 7/30/14 2:59pm 7/30/14 2:59pm

A Suffocating Triumph: Zero Dark Thirty, Reviewed

1. I've always thought the best compliment you can give a movie is that, while it's playing, you forget not only that you are watching a movie, but also that you are a person with a life that was going on before the movie and will continue going on afterward. These are the transformative films, the ones that transport… » 12/13/12 5:20pm 12/13/12 5:20pm