Quiverfull of Shit: a Guide to the Duggars' Scary Brand of Christianity

Before this week, when reality star and conservative political activist Joshua Duggar admitted to molesting several underage girls, including his own sisters, what most people knew about the Duggar family could be counted on two fingers: They have 19—19!—kids, and they’re extremely religious Christians.
» 5/25/15 9:05am 5/25/15 9:05am

How Dinesh D'Souza Damaged My Faith

So conservative superstar Dinesh D'Souza recently went on Hannity and insisted that opposition to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act "is a selective attack on Christianity," which might surprise those of you who thought it was simply about denying gay people the right to have Gay Pizza Weddings. As he… » 4/08/15 4:16pm 4/08/15 4:16pm

The 9 most baffling passages in the Bible, and what they really mean

The Bible has been called an historical document, a guidebook for moral living, and a work of fiction. No matter how you view it, there is no question that certain parts are confusing. We'll take a look at the possible meanings of the nine strangest passages in the Bible. » 12/12/13 1:44pm 12/12/13 1:44pm