Ines Sainz's Biggest Defender Once Said Erin Andrews "Encouraged" Her…

Erin Andrews was subjected to a personal violation, and one pundit said she was "playing to the frat house." That's a short step away from "she was asking for it," and that pundit is now leading the charge against reporter harassment. » 9/15/10 2:50pm 9/15/10 2:50pm

Jason Whitlock Stages His Own Private Sports Media Roast

In his latest, Whitlock uses the occasion of Erin Andrews' Oprah appearance to go all Jeffrey Ross-on-Bea Arthur on his colleagues. Reilly's column: "read by tens of hundreds of readers who find it while looking for Bill Simmons' column." Burn! » 9/03/09 3:30pm 9/03/09 3:30pm

Christine Brennan Continues Her Erin Andrews Smarm Offensive

USA Today's Christine Brennan went on Howard Kurtz's unctuous TV show yesterday and explained away her underminey Erin Andrews comments, emphasizing that she has "always been concerned about Erin" and somehow outstripping all her male colleagues in patrician superciliousness. » 7/27/09 4:20pm 7/27/09 4:20pm

Christine Brennan Offers Underminey Advice To Erin Andrews

Says the USA Today columnist: "I also would suggest to her ... that she rely on her talent and brains and not succumb to the lowest common denominator in sports media by playing to the frat house." [Big Lead] » 7/22/09 4:15pm 7/22/09 4:15pm