The NFL Shop Ruined A Lot Of Christmases

We received an email from a reader looking to vent. They purchased a jersey from on Dec. 6 as an intended present, since the site promised—in large, bolded text—that it would arrive before Christmas. It still hasn't shown up. If that was an anomaly, it'd be understandable, even excusable. But our reader… » 1/03/14 3:56pm 1/03/14 3:56pm

NBA's Christmas Uniforms Are Ugly As Sin

Last month, we saw the leaked NBA uniforms for Christmas Day—with sleeves? Sleeves?—and thought, hey, maybe they just seem bad because no one's actually wearing them. Perhaps they'll look better in action, on actual players. Nah. They look like generic unis for a movie set in the future designed to let the audience… » 12/25/13 4:11pm 12/25/13 4:11pm

The Chicago Blackhawks Made The Weirdest Holiday Video

We've seen plenty of cringe-inducing holiday videos in which athletes are forced to sing Christmas carols and wear funny Santa hats, but we've never seen one like this. For some reason, the Chicago Blackhawks decided to make their holiday video movie-themed.Why is this happening? What do any of these movies have to do… » 12/23/13 11:45am 12/23/13 11:45am

The Eggnog You've Been Drinking Is Crap. Here's the Perfect Recipe


Ever since I was old enough to form holiday memories, my favorite thing about the Christmas season has been eggnog. As a minor in the 1970s, of course, I was relegated to the cheap, artificially colored, gelatinous goop that was found in the dairy section of my local supermarket. Thickened with unrecognizable… » 12/20/13 12:23pm 12/20/13 12:23pm

As a Man Ages, He Learns That All He Needs for the Holidays Is Family

My mommy is visiting for the holidays. I'm not so good remembering numbers so I always have to do a little math to figure her age. On my birth certificate it says she was 24 when I was born, in Charlottesville, Virginia, having been delivered by my father's professor of obstetrics—at the apple-polishing time of 5:36… » 12/10/13 2:49pm 12/10/13 2:49pm

A Treasury Of Children's Insane Christmas Wish Lists

After I posted my kid's goofy Christmas wish list on Wednesday, we asked you readers to send in some of your own. You were not a disappointment to us. One guy's kid sent in the entire contents of the toy section at Target. Another reader's kid had a list that included a diagram (its instructions and purpose were not… » 12/06/13 1:48pm 12/06/13 1:48pm