Here's Another Insane Christmas Wish List

After our own Drew Magary shared his daughter's crazy-ass Christmas wish list with the world, we received many other lists from parents around the country who also have, uh, imaginative kids. Here's another one, and it's a doozy: » 12/20/13 10:16am 12/20/13 10:16am

A Treasury Of Children's Insane Christmas Wish Lists

After I posted my kid's goofy Christmas wish list on Wednesday, we asked you readers to send in some of your own. You were not a disappointment to us. One guy's kid sent in the entire contents of the toy section at Target. Another reader's kid had a list that included a diagram (its instructions and purpose were not… » 12/06/13 1:48pm 12/06/13 1:48pm

Calculators, George W. Bush Ties: Why You Shouldn't Leave Your…

Time for another edition of Christmas shaming, in which we examine the wish lists of your friends, loved ones, and co-workers. It's a look into the strange wants and materialistic hearts of those who dwell among us. So keep sending them in. Anonymity guaranteed. » 11/19/12 2:10pm 11/19/12 2:10pm

The Bro-iest Christmas Wish List Ever Written

Color us shocked—we had no idea that grown-ups A) made wish lists and B) spent hours putting them together. But when we posted a 21-year-old woman's incredibly detailed list yesterday, the feedback was equally split between those who thought she was a spoiled adult baby, and those who didn't see what the big deal was. » 11/15/12 3:15pm 11/15/12 3:15pm

21-Year-Old Woman's Endless Christmas Wish List Will Make You Want To…

We reiterate that this person is not a child. She is 21, legally an adult, presumably with or on the verge of full financial independence. Each year the Massachusetts woman creates a wish list, filled with every conceivable thing she might want, and sends it out to her entire family. » 11/14/12 3:25pm 11/14/12 3:25pm