Horse Dies In Infuriatingly Avoidable Accident At Churchill Downs

Unless you reject the idea of horse racing, you have to accept that horses break down and are destroyed. It's an unfortunate part of the sport, and lots could be done to minimize fatalities, but it's always going to happen. At Churchill Downs yesterday, five-year-old mare Never Tell Lynda did not need to die. » 5/23/14 3:09pm 5/23/14 3:09pm

Images From The 140th Kentucky Derby

[Horses round the first turn during the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby horse race at Churchill Downs on Saturday. AP Photo/Matt Slocum.] » 5/05/14 4:42pm 5/05/14 4:42pm

Coolest Guy Ever Arrested For Doing Donuts At Churchill Downs

A Kentucky man was arrested Monday after he did some sweet-ass donuts in his Ford Mustang on the infield of Churchill Downs. » 4/02/14 9:48pm 4/02/14 9:48pm

Your Last-Minute Crowdsourced Kentucky Derby Betting Guide

In the only Kentucky Derby I covered, as a 19-year-old intern for the Lexington Herald-Leader, I got lucky on a $3 exacta bet that paid 33-1. The feeling of sprinting up the stairs to the press box to trade a $1 bill for five twenties (yes, that would be from the dedicated betting booth in the Churchill Downs press… » 5/04/13 1:40pm 5/04/13 1:40pm

Mudwrestling At The Kentucky Derby

The infield scene at Churchill Downs may not be as decadent and depraved as at Pimlico these days, but the rainstorm brought a welcome twist to the action. Feisty fillies, indeed. [via] » 5/02/10 1:30pm 5/02/10 1:30pm

Horse Killed In Collision At Churchill Downs

A 2-year-old filly died at Churchill Downs Monday after another horse collided with her during a training session. The collision was caught on video, but it's not for the squeamish. » 4/28/09 2:30pm 4/28/09 2:30pm