Cincinnati Also Wants To Steal Money From Its Football Players

You’d think the wave of shit that came crashing down on Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster after he told reporters of his plans to discipline his players with monetary fines, followed by the Hokies AD’s immediate nuking of the asinine idea, would have scared other schools away from trying the same thing.… » 8/27/15 11:33am Thursday 11:33am

Cincinnati Forces Overtime With Last Gasp Layup

I—and everybody else, surely—was screaming "SHOOT THE DAMN BALL ALREADY" at Cincinnati's Troy Caupain as he seemingly took an eternity to attempt and tie the ballgame. But Caupain's internal clock had Swiss watchmaker-like accuracy, and by golly he was going to use up 7.3 of the 7.4 seconds he had to get off the… » 3/19/15 9:40pm 3/19/15 9:40pm

Cincy's Octavius Ellis Ejected For Forearm Shiver, Cries As He Leaves

Cincinnati is locked in a tight battle with Purdue for the right to play (presumably) Kentucky in the next round, but their task just got a lot harder after forward Octavius Ellis was given a flagrant two and ejected for the forearm shiver above. He seemed to regret his excessively violent boxing out technique, as he… » 3/19/15 8:47pm 3/19/15 8:47pm

University of Cincinnati RB Killed in Motorcycle Accident

University of Cincinnati redshirt freshman running back Chamoda Kennedy-Palmore was killed Thursday afternoon in a motorcycle accident. According to police, another vehicle turned across two lanes of traffic in front of Kennedy-Palmore, failing to yield the right of way, and was struck by his motorcycle. He was… » 9/25/14 9:22pm 9/25/14 9:22pm

The Cincinnati Baseball Team Gives The Best Postgame Interviews

Postgame interviews are inherently dumb and almost never interesting. But not when they involve the Cincinnati Bearcats baseball team, which has turned the tired practice into a platform for wonderful comedic expression. Enjoy this compilation of the Bearcats being awesome. It really is the best thing. » 5/23/13 1:15pm 5/23/13 1:15pm

Last Night's Xavier-Cincinnati Game Started In A Remarkably Different Manner Than Last Year's Ended

Cincinnati continued its undefeated run to start the 2012-2013 college basketball season with a 60-45 win last night over Xavier in the Crosstown Rivalry. Of greater interest than the final score, though, is that the game happened at all—and in such cordial fashion. Last year's UC-X game, of course, ended much uglier… » 12/20/12 9:00am 12/20/12 9:00am

Cincinnati And UConn Said To Ponder Starting Yet Another Geographically Absurd Conference

With the Big East in full meltdown mode, two of the traditional basketball powers are considering a move to the ACC—or, barring that, UConn and Cincinnati will take their ball and go start their own conference, according to The Sporting News. The only flaw in this plan is that the new conference would blanket the… » 12/15/12 8:49pm 12/15/12 8:49pm

Tommy Tuberville Literally Left Texas Tech In The Middle Of A Dinner With Texas Tech Recruits

Tommy Tuberville left Texas Tech for Cincinnati this weekend, an odd occurrence that left the athletic department at Texas Tech "completely blindsided." Also blindsided by Tuberville's exit: The recruits with whom he was having dinner, when Tuberville left—to go to the bathroom? to take a phone call from Cincinnati AD… » 12/12/12 12:35pm 12/12/12 12:35pm

Tommy Tuberville Is Going To Cincinnati Even Though There Will Hardly Be A Big East To Greet Him When He Gets There

Tommy Tuberville is going to fill Butch Jones's old ass groove at Cincinnati. Three years ago, coming off of a decade of success at SEC-powerhouse Auburn, going to a Big East team, even a strong Big East team, would have seemed crazy. Now, after three middling years at Big 12 Texas Tech, the most recent of which has… » 12/08/12 5:55pm 12/08/12 5:55pm

Cincinnati Head Coach Butch Jones Iced Louisville's Kicker At The Exact Wrong Time, And The Bearcats Lost Because Of It

The football coach's obsession with icing the opposing team's kicker before important field goals embodies the two primary dispositions innate to football coaches: performative micromanaging and ignoring statistics. Last night, Cincinnati's Butch Jones indulged those compulsions at the worst possible time. » 10/27/12 9:40am 10/27/12 9:40am

Nightclub Bouncer Says University of Cincinnati Basketball Players Kicked The Shit Out Of Him

This much is certain, based on the Fox 19 report you can see for yourself here: Somebody gave Brian McLucas a giant shiner and bruised his left ear. But who? McLucas, a bouncer at a downtown Cincinnati nightclub, says several members of the UC basketball team assaulted him Saturday night after he confronted them… » 5/14/12 1:50pm 5/14/12 1:50pm