Joey Votto Gets Tossed, Goes Berserk, Has To Be Held Back By Ump

The Reds may be approximately one million games out of the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean Joey Votto is mailing it in. In the middle of an at-bat during the 8th inning of tonight’s game against the Pirates, Votto was unhappy that home plate ump Bill Welke didn’t grant him time and/or made a bad strike call. After… »9/09/15 10:29pm9/09/15 10:29pm


Reds' Jason Bourgeois Forgets Infield Fly Rule, Strolls Into Double Play

I’ve got nothing but sympathy for Cincinnati outfielder Jason Bourgeois, who killed a potential Reds rally by needlessly breaking for home when he could have stayed safely at third. I know the infield fly rule by heart—and I’d bet Borgeoius does too—but it’s invoked so infrequently, and clashes so strongly with your… »8/20/15 11:20am8/20/15 11:20am

Royals Trade For Johnny Cueto, Gear Up For Postseason Run

The Royals have the second-best record in baseball, the fourth-best run differential, and lead their division by six-and-a-half games. Barring an incredible disaster, they’re going to the playoffs. But they still didn’t feel like the team was well-positioned, and on Sunday traded Brandon Finnegan, John Lamb, and Cody… »7/26/15 5:11pm7/26/15 5:11pm

Reds Fan Runs On Field, Films Selfie Video, Escapes Ballpark

It could have been the perfect crime. Justin Buchanan, 19, dashed onto the field at last night’s Cubs-Reds game (while filming himself the entire way), tried to say hi to Billy Hamilton, tossed his phone onto the grass over the centerfield wall, hopped the fence, clambered up into the seats, and disappeared into the… »7/23/15 9:09am7/23/15 9:09am

Gannett Posts, Deletes Audio Of Reds Manager Saying "Fuck" 77 Times

Earlier this evening, the Cincinnati Enquirer, a Gannett paper, posted excerpts from a transcript of Reds coach Bryan Price going off on reporters in a rant that included the word “fuck” 77 times. The report originally said that audio of the rant would be posted soon, but that promise was soon excised from the piece. »4/21/15 12:30am4/21/15 12:30am