Here's Why You Should Be Excited About Billy Hamilton

Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton only played in 13 games with the big club after making his major-league debut in September last year, so you might not be very familiar with what kind of player he is. But Hamilton's a full-time starter this year, and last night he made a play that let us all know exactly what Billy… » 4/08/14 10:00am 4/08/14 10:00am

Aroldis Chapman "Doing Better" After Taking 110 MPH Liner To Face

Salvador Perez was crying as he left the field, hugged by Eric Hosmer. It was a line drive off the bat of the 23-year-old Royals catcher that struck Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman flush, basically breaking his face. » 3/20/14 9:47am 3/20/14 9:47am

Reds-Royals Canceled After Liner Hits Aroldis Chapman In Face [UPDATE]

Reds flamethrower Aroldis Chapman lay on the field for several minutes after the Royals' Salvador Perez hit a liner off the Cincinnati hurler's head, prompting the immediate response of emergency personnel and the eventual canceling of the rest of the game in Surprise, Ariz. tonight. The above video is purportedly of… » 3/19/14 11:25pm 3/19/14 11:25pm

Brandon Phillips Line Drive Absolutely Rips Ump In The Dick

This...this is a mess. In the second inning of today's Reds-Indians game, Brandon Phillips uncorked a rocket right into umpire Brad Myers's dick. Myers tried to jump out of the way and instead positioned his dick right in the line of fire. He would remain on the ground for some time as both Cleveland and Cincinnati… » 3/17/14 9:06pm 3/17/14 9:06pm

Johnny Cueto Gets Jeered, Drops Ball, Gives Up Home Run

PNC Park finally got to host playoff baseball, and the fans in Pittsburgh made it a party, screaming and chanting and jeering from the moment they passed through the turnstiles. And while there's no way to know for certain, it sure looked like the standing-room-only crowd got to Reds starter Johnny Cueto by the second… » 10/02/13 12:19pm 10/02/13 12:19pm

Cops Say Dallas Latos Case Is Closed; Dallas Latos Is Not Happy

Pittsburgh police just held a press conference to address last night's alleged assault of Dallas Latos, wife of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Mat Latos, at last night's Reds-Pirates game. @CBSPittsburgh live-tweeted the presser, and received a few responses from Dallas Latos, who isn't too happy about how police are handling … » 10/02/13 12:12pm 10/02/13 12:12pm

Here's The Most Famous Play From The Last Reds-Pirates Playoff Game

The Reds play the Pirates in the NL wild-card game tonight, and while it's been forever-and-a-half since the Pirates last made the postseason, the two teams actually have quite a history with one another. And because I'm a Yinzer dork who can barely sit still in anticipation—hurry up, eight o'clock!—I started sifting… » 10/01/13 6:02pm 10/01/13 6:02pm