Brandon Phillips Thinks Getting On Base Is Overrated

Hold on to your butts: baseball season must be approaching, because someone's saying dumb things about the value of getting on base. And, surprise, it's a guy who doesn't do it very often. » 3/24/15 11:23am 3/24/15 11:23am

Police: Reds Prospect Threw Rock At Girlfriend, Knocked Her Out

Arizona police say Cincinnati Reds third base prospect Tanner Rahier argued with a bartender at a Glendale restaurant early Saturday morning, argued with his girlfriend outside the restaurant, and threw a rock at her head, knocking her unconscious. » 3/10/15 1:58pm 3/10/15 1:58pm

Johnny Cueto Celebrates Win By Flicking Mike Leake's Crotch

As today's Reds-Pirates game went final, Johnny Cueto earned his 16th victory of the season. To celebrate, he flicked Mike Leake's balls. Leake definitely felt it. Good game, everyone. » 8/31/14 5:53pm 8/31/14 5:53pm

Yoenis Cespedes Bashes Homer One Pitch After Nearly Getting Beaned

Cincinnati Reds reliever Jonathan Broxton started his matchup against Yoenis Cespedes in the eighth last night by whizzing a fastball up near his chin. Broxton ended up paying dearly for it. » 8/13/14 2:25pm 8/13/14 2:25pm

David Ortiz Tracking Down A Pop Fly Could Take All Night

David Ortiz is a designated hitter who only really plays first base in interleague contests away from Fenway. Tonight, the Red Sox were in Cincinnati, which sports a decent amount of foul territory by first base. David Ortiz moved his legs, one in front of the other, at a higher rate of speed than normal, and… » 8/12/14 11:36pm 8/12/14 11:36pm

Why'd The Cincy Enquirer Pull A Story About Arrest Of Reds Owner's Son?

On Monday, the Cincinnati Enquirer published a story about Robert and Deanna Castellini being arrested on domestic violence charges. A day later, the story was pulled from the paper's website. Robert Castellini, as the original article's headline points out, happens to be the son of Cincinnati Reds owner Bob… » 8/07/14 1:28pm 8/07/14 1:28pm

Rogue Ball Thrown On Field During Live Play, Confusing Everyone

Someone threw a ball onto the field in Cleveland tonight at the same moment Yan Gomes had just slapped the real, live, ball against the wall in right field. Jay Bruce fielded the true ball and threw it to the cutoff man, but the imposter ball was already making its way to the infield. » 8/05/14 10:59pm 8/05/14 10:59pm

Little Girl Gives No Shits, Dances Around On Field During Reds-Marlins

Who cares about the Reds and Marlins? Not this girl. She's prancing around the field without a care in the world. » 8/03/14 10:00am 8/03/14 10:00am

Blocking-The-Plate Rule Screws Marlins; Mike Redmond Starts Undressing

The Marlins got boned in a major way by the new and confusing rule that prohibits catchers blocking the plate. Although Zack Cozart was initially ruled out by home plate umpire Mike Winters, a lengthy umpire review eventually overturned the call and ruled him safe. Instead of a 1-0 Marlins lead heading into the… » 7/31/14 10:30pm 7/31/14 10:30pm

Billy Hamilton Hits The Brakes, Swim Moves For A Bunt Single

While trying to bunt for a single last night against the Pirates, Billy Hamilton—Cincinnati's red-and-white blur of a center fielder—executed one of the worst bunts imaginable. It's basically a line drive right to first baseman Gaby Sanchez, but Hamilton still made it to first base safely thanks to the threat of… » 7/12/14 3:32pm 7/12/14 3:32pm

Aroldis Chapman Nearly Brains Nate Schierholtz Twice; Benches Clear

Today's afternoon Cubs-Reds game featured a bench-clearing when Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman almost hit Nate Schierholtz with one of his triple-digit pitches not once, but twice. » 7/10/14 6:45pm 7/10/14 6:45pm

[The sky over Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati last night, as photographed by Getty Images' Jamie Sabau. Be sure to expand; it looks like an oil painting. Flickr is also full of shots of the storm clouds.] » 7/08/14 9:29am 7/08/14 9:29am

Joey Votto's Clean Locker Prompts Trade Speculation

Reds first baseman Joey Votto really shouldn't maintain such a tidy locker. When he does, people start to think he's leaving Cincinnati. » 7/06/14 12:40pm 7/06/14 12:40pm

If Ted Kluszewski's Guns Could Speak . . .

Theodore Bernard "Big Klu" Kluszewski played in the majors for two decades, more than half of those years with the Reds. He was big — well over 6 feet and around 230 pounds, give or take — and he was strong. Like, Harmon Killebrew meets Joe Adcock by way of Josh Gibson strong. He wasn't Hall of Fame caliber, but for… » 7/01/14 1:29pm 7/01/14 1:29pm

Jackass Cubs Fan Throws Back Ball Tossed To Him By Billy Hamilton

Ahh, the Wrigley bleachers. Home to the shiftless, the drunk, and the "I'm gonna ruin somebody's game before the second inning even starts." » 6/24/14 12:39am 6/24/14 12:39am

"Dear Drunk Guy": Brandon Phillips Gives Signed Ball To Heckler

Wednesday's Reds-Pirates game in Pittsburgh had a long rain delay, and was a blowout to boot. With a few hundred fans left by the end, you could hear every one. Brandon Phillips sure did. » 6/20/14 1:28pm 6/20/14 1:28pm

Billy Hamilton Hits The Wall To Make Tremendous Catch

Billy Hamilton, who is fast as hell, made one of the better catches you'll see all year in the ninth inning of today's game between the Pirates and Reds. » 6/19/14 6:26pm 6/19/14 6:26pm

MLB's New Home-Plate Rule Had Its Lowest Moment [Update]

This run, the Reds' sixth of 11, didn't have much of an impact on the result of a game, which saw Pirates outfielder Travis Snider take the mound in the ninth (and strike out Joey Votto). But the controversial play at the plate may have been the best example yet that no one, not managers, coaches, or umpires, quite… » 6/19/14 9:48am 6/19/14 9:48am

Pablo Sandoval Foul Ball Smashes Reporter's Laptop's Reds reporter Mark Sheldon had the first version of his game story all written up and ready to file, but he wanted to wait until the third out of the top of the eighth. With two outs, Pablo Sandoval fouled a ball into the Cincinnati press box, smashing the shit out of Sheldon's computer. » 6/04/14 11:26am 6/04/14 11:26am