You Can Take Yo La Tengo To A Mets Game, But You Can't Make 'Em Do The Wave

Credit where credit’s due: The New York Mets are very good this year, and they wholeheartedly earned the NL East title. But given the team’s habit of historic late-season collapses—recall, for example, when they blew a sturdy seven-game September division lead in 2007 by losing 12 of their last 17 games—there must’ve… »10/02/15 2:10pm10/02/15 2:10pm


A Fire On The 7 Train Strands Crowds Leaving Home Run Derby

According to various reports from Twitter users leaving the Home Run Derby at Citi Field, there is a fire somewhere on the 7 train line—initial reports indicate there is an investigation at the 103rd street stop—and it isn't running. The 7 is the only subway that services Citi Field. There are obviously buses and the… »7/15/13 11:16pm7/15/13 11:16pm

The Mets Will Give You A Free Ticket For Following Them On Twitter

If you're following the Mets or SNY on Twitter, you saw a link to receive either a single free ticket, or 2-for-1 seats for this weekend's series against the Marlins. (The promotion is called, creatively and alternatively, "Tweet A Ticket" or, oh god, a "Twicket.") Except, if you know how Twitter works, you don't… »4/02/13 10:52am4/02/13 10:52am

A Sold Out Citi Field Plays Host To An Exercise In Futility Today (And The Mets Are In Toronto)

This afternoon, the terrifyingly-named Jewish orthodox group "Union of Communities for the Purity of the Camp" will be holding a rally against the evils of the internet ("and the damages caused by advanced electronic devices"), according to an article on the internet. The primary targets are what we in the internet… »5/20/12 9:30am5/20/12 9:30am

Mets Announce Largest Crowd In Citi Field History, Apparently Counting Empty Seats As Fans

The Mets' announced attendance of 42,080 is the largest in the three-plus years of Citi Field. This is a stunning turnaround from this morning, when thousands of tickets were still available. And an even more stunning turnaround from earlier in the game, when it sure as hell looked like there were a ton of empty seats. »4/05/12 4:00pm4/05/12 4:00pm

The Mets Are Moving In The Fences, And They're Selling Them Too

Because they can't lure you to the ballpark with a winning team, the Mets will try to lure you with home runs. They're bringing in the outfield walls at Citi Field to goose scoring, and here's a question we definitely never pondered: what do you do with the old outfield wall? If you're a billion dollars in debt, you… »1/20/12 10:45am1/20/12 10:45am

Dead Team Walking: A Night Of Suffocating Solitude With The 2011 New York Mets

I went to the Mets-Nationals game last night, and I'm not sure why. I have some idea why: first Dom taunted the staff about its lackluster Mets attendance, and then I taunted myself about September baseball. The weather in New York was splendid, too, the kind of serene, cloudless 70-degree fare that makes the city, or… »9/14/11 8:00pm9/14/11 8:00pm