Clay Buchholz's "Vodka Pool Party" Controversy Says A Hell Of A Lot More About The Boston Media Than It Does About Clay Buchholz

Clay Buchholz went on the disabled list after being hospitalized for intestinal bleeding. After being released from the hospital yesterday, Buchholz showed up at a charity event at Foxwoods casino. This is a big deal, because certain media people are awful. »6/28/12 2:45pm6/28/12 2:45pm

Jon Lester And Clay Buchholz Are The Latest Red Sox To Launch Charity Wines With Incredibly Dumb Names

Taking money from drunk Red Sox fans and giving it to cancer patients is a cause anyone can get behind (except perhaps liver cancer patients). Meeting with less approbation and more smirking are the names Longball Cellars has been slapping on its athlete-endorsed charity wine bottles. Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz … »5/06/11 11:55am5/06/11 11:55am