Report: Johnny Manziel Told His Friends To Lie To The Browns About Partying Video

Last weekend a video surfaced of the Browns then-starting quarterback Johnny Manziel holding champagne while at a party. Normally that’d be no big deal—who cares that he’s having fun during the bye week—except that Manziel went to rehab earlier this year, presumably because of a drinking problem. »Thursday 1:13pm11/26/15 1:13pm


Johnny Manziel's Defense: "Videos Can Be Old" [UPDATE]

This weekend, a video surfaced of Johnny Manziel holding a champagne bottle and singing to Future, which would be a standard bit of athlete-out-on-the-town goofiness if not for the fact that the Browns quarterback spent two months in rehab earlier this year. The clip appears to be from a Friday party at a nightclub in… »Tuesday 12:30pm11/24/15 12:30pm

Johnny Manziel Partied With Expensive Champagne During His Bye Week

Heading into his team’s bye week, Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel told reporters that he planned to use the week off as a chance to “relax” and “shut it down.” Over the weekend, a video of Manziel dancing and holding a bottle of champagne while at a party in Austin, Tex., was posted on a DJ’s Instagram page. The… »11/23/15 3:19pm11/23/15 3:19pm

Report: Teams Are Already Lining Up To Bring Peyton Manning Into The Front Office

Peyton Manning has such a comical litany of injuries that it’s amazing he was playing NFL football into 2015. He has a surgically taped-up neck, a problem with his throwing shoulder, maybe-maybe-not broken ribs, a partially torn plantar fascia (apparently, this is worse than a full tear), not to mention the torn… »11/22/15 11:14am11/22/15 11:14am

The Browns Still Won't Commit To Johnny Manziel, For Some Reason

Johnny Manziel’s final stat line from last night’s game against the Bengals—15-of-33 for 168 yards and one touchdown—was built mostly off of Manziel’s solid first half, and isn’t the kind of line that would normally guarantee a starting role in the next game. But on a 2-7 team whose only other option at quarterback is… »11/06/15 9:14am11/06/15 9:14am

A Whole Bunch Of Browns Say TMZ's Johnny Manziel Story Was Made-Up

The big story in Brownsland yesterday was a TMZ report that cited three unnamed “offensive starters” calling for the team to switch back to Johnny Manziel at quarterback. As if that weren’t already a narrow pool of suspects, Browns starters have since raced to deny it was them—six players at latest count (not… »9/30/15 10:43am9/30/15 10:43am

Sounds Like Some Browns Players Want Johnny Manziel Back

Despite winning his start and looking generally decent and genuinely exciting, Johnny Manziel was benched by the Browns the minute Josh McCown passed his concussion tests. After Cleveland’s loss to the Raiders, coach Mike Pettine bluntly said the team isn’t considering going back to Manziel. Judging from this TMZ story »9/29/15 10:51am9/29/15 10:51am