NASCAR Driver Intentionally Spins Out To Put Teammate In Playoff [Update]

This is not mere conspiracy theory, not just bitter-but-unfounded suspicions from Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon fans angry that they just missed out on a spot in NASCAR's Chase for the Sprint Cup playoff. This is a thing that happened clear as day—a driver deliberately spun out to screw them over and give his teammate… »9/09/13 2:27pm9/09/13 2:27pm


Jeff Gordon Crashed Out Clint Bowyer, And It Led To A Massive Brawl

Today's AdvoCare 500 in Phoenix was nearly unwatchable in its boringness until late in the race, when all hell broke loose. After Clint Bowyer made contact with Jeff Gordon, Gordon retaliated just before the end of the penultimate lap, wrecking both himself and Bowyer and sparking a brawl between the two crews that… »11/11/12 6:48pm11/11/12 6:48pm