Clipper Darrell Is Back, So We All Can Return To Aggressively Not Caring About Him

The Clippers were jerks. Clipper Darrell was a jerk. There were tears. And now, after all that, the sides have come to an understanding, and Darrell Bailey has returned to his usual seat behind the basket. He didn't miss a single home game. We're all dumber for having lived this. [ESPNLosAngeles] »3/19/12 5:35pm3/19/12 5:35pm


Sob City: Clipper Darrell Breaks Down During TV Interview

We're still not sure what side to take in the Clipper Darrell vs. the Clippers dispute. It's easy to blame the Clippers, since Donald Sterling is such a dick and the timing of all this just so happened to coincide with the Clippers finally tasting success. But maybe Clipper Darrell was being a bit of an ungrateful,… »3/05/12 3:30pm3/05/12 3:30pm

On The Other Hand, Maybe Clipper Darrell Was Being Kind Of A Jerk

On Tuesday, superfan Clipper Darrell showed up to the game in mourning, wearing a black suit rather than his customary blue and red. The next day he posted on his website that the Clippers had asked him to stop representing them, and the internet exploded in protest. Because the Clippers have done so many things so… »3/02/12 3:25pm3/02/12 3:25pm

"You Don't Want Clipper Darrell No More": The Sad, Strange Story Of A Superfan

So this is what happens to the Los Angeles Clippers when they discover success. For more than a decade, a living cartoon character known as Clipper Darrell was maybe the only tangible proof we had that L.A.'s other NBA franchise had fans. Night after night, year after year, Clipper Darrell would be at the Staples… »3/01/12 7:10pm3/01/12 7:10pm