One FSU Student Was Saved From Gunman When His Books Stopped a Bullet

Amid the brief, terrifying confusion at the entrance of Florida State University's main library last night, one student narrowly avoided being shot by a rampaging gunman. But only hours later, inspecting the books he'd checked out, did the student realize just how narrow his escape was. »11/20/14 11:38am11/20/14 11:38am


The Orioles Clinched A Playoff Berth For The First Time Since 1997 So Of Course There Was A Fire On The Team Flight

The Baltimore Orioles beat the Boston Red Sox 6-3 Sunday afternoon before beginning a season-ending series with the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday. They hoped to clinch a playoff spot in front of their fans at Camden Yards while watching game one of a day-night double header between the Angels and Rangers but the Angels… »10/01/12 12:20am10/01/12 12:20am

This Comebacker That Francisco Liriano Caught Between His Legs Could've Turned Out Badly

There were any number of bad, horrible things that this Eric Hosmer comebacker could've caused to Francisco Liriano's lower half—never mind the shard of bat that came flying in his general direction—but no harm, no foul. Hosmer got his revenge later with a walkoff single in the ninth, but Liriano was still the night's… »9/21/12 9:30am9/21/12 9:30am