Cloud Atlas: Crazy, Brilliant, Or Both? A Grierson & Leitch Discussion

Occasionally, one of Grierson & Leitch will disagree strongly enough with the other that a discussion is in order. Last time this happened was Compliance, which Grierson loved and Leitch didn't. (That one was a huge pageview hit because it had the word "blowjobs" in the headline.) This week, Grierson took issue with… »10/26/12 6:11pm10/26/12 6:11pm

A Big Huge Ball Of Crazy. Cloud Atlas, Reviewed.

1. I've never read the book Cloud Atlas, but I bet it's good. Judging from the film, the book must be insanely ambitious—narratively and stylistically—clearly vying to be no less than some sort of grand binding theory of everything, throughout history, forever. That sort of ambition can work on the page, where stories… »10/24/12 6:27pm10/24/12 6:27pm