CM Punk Rips Apart The WWE In Revealing Interview About His Departure

Former WWE champion CM Punk joined Colt Cabana's "The Art of Wrestling" podcast this week and dove deep into why he left the company. There is a ton of interesting stuff in here, and it's certainly worth a listen for hardcore fans who want the most in-depth look into why Punk left the wrestling behemoth. »11/27/14 2:45pm11/27/14 2:45pm


Idiot Admits To Punching C.M. Punk, Provoking Wrestler To Attack Innocent Bystander On Last Night's Raw [UPDATE: WWE Responds]

The case for last night's ugly incident at the end of WWE Raw being a legit shoot grows stronger as a bold individual has stepped forward on his Twitter account to admit punching C.M. Punk in the kidneys, prompting the wrestler to club a nearby fan he appears to have mistakenly believed to have been responsible for… »10/09/12 4:13pm10/09/12 4:13pm

C.M. Punk Slugs Spectator On WWE Raw, But It Was Probably Worked [UPDATE: Maybe Not]

C.M. Punk has risen to become one of WWE's most prized assets by leveraging decent athleticism, quality mic skills, and an especially strong ability to work shoots. We're assuming that's what happened tonight, as Punk sledged a fan in the face during the closing seconds of tonight's episode of Raw, though this might… »10/09/12 8:30am10/09/12 8:30am