Eight Photos Of Coach K Sitting On A Lil' Stool

Not nearly enough has been made of the fact that for the Elite Eight game between Duke and Gonzaga, held on the raised court at Houston's NRG Stadium, they gave the coaches adorable little stools to sit on. So, here, via Getty Images and AP Images, are pics of Mike Krzyzewski sitting on his stool. (Mark Few chose to… » 3/31/15 3:42pm Yesterday 3:42pm

Challenge: Remain Emotionless While Watching This Ron Hunter Clip

Georgia State coach Ron Hunter wasn't able to lead his team past Xavier tonight, but he won't be quickly forgotten. Nor will his weepy opening statement in the postgame presser, which we challenge you to watch without becoming emotional yourself. » 3/21/15 8:46pm 3/21/15 8:46pm

What Is Chip Kelly Doing?

Two months ago, Chip Kelly was given full control over the Eagles' football personnel decisions. Every trade, every signing, every draft pick—that's all Kelly. Which raises the question, given that the Eagles have been the single most active team ahead of the official start of free agency: what exactly is Kelly's plan… » 3/09/15 9:28am 3/09/15 9:28am

Are The 49ers Cheap?

The 49ers have finally and painfully assembled their coaching staff, reportedly reaching a deal with QB coach Geep Chryst to be the new offensive coordinator—but only after being turned down by at least four other candidates. That's a pattern, and it is one that hints at a worrying gameplan in Santa Clara. » 1/29/15 9:40am 1/29/15 9:40am

Report: Raiders To Hire Jack Del Rio 

After a long-ass interview with Raider brass—his second—recently fired Broncos DC Jack Del Rio is reportedly closing in on officially getting the job. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the deal will be announced as early as today. » 1/14/15 9:13am 1/14/15 9:13am

Injured St. Bonaventure Coach Eats It In Handshake Line

St. Bonaventure head coach Mark Schmidt tore his achilles a few weeks back, and has been wheeling around on a tricycle scooter ever since. That turned ugly for him tonight after the Bonnies' 69-55 win over UMass, when he completely wiped out. Get well soon, coach! » 1/03/15 6:34pm 1/03/15 6:34pm

Rex Ryan will interview for the 49ers' and Falcons' coaching jobs. And if he can't find a good fit, he's reportedly already met with ESPN executives about a potential on-air role. » 12/31/14 9:30am 12/31/14 9:30am

The Bears Probably Want A Do-Over On That Marc Trestman Thing

Bears fans: do not look directly at the list of coaches that now-ex-GM Phil Emery turned down or alienated in order to hire now-ex-coach Marc Trestman two offseasons ago. It will just make you mad, and you don't really need that right now. » 12/30/14 9:53am 12/30/14 9:53am

Report: Michigan Offers Jim Harbaugh $8 Million A Year

Jim Harbaugh seems certain to leave the 49ers at season's end, if only because no one can stand him for more than four years, but everyone expects him to land in another NFL job. Well, here comes ol' mediocre Michigan, looking to blow up the coaching salary curve. » 12/17/14 6:50pm 12/17/14 6:50pm

UTEP Coach On Beating MTSU: "Look At Me. I Don't Drink Light Beer."

UTEP won a hard-fought 24-21 victory over MTSU tonight, and ASN announcers asked Miners coach Sean Kugler how he'd celebrate. "I might have a few beers." » 11/29/14 11:14pm 11/29/14 11:14pm

Joe Maddon Ordered A Round Of Drinks At His Cubs Press Conference

In a press conference held at a bar across the street from Wrigley Field, the Cubs introduced their new manager, Will Ferrell as Harry Caray Joe Maddon. It ended with Maddon ordering a round of boilermakers for everyone. » 11/03/14 5:17pm 11/03/14 5:17pm

Junior Hockey Coach Yells "Fuck You!" At Reporter After Big Loss

The Ontario Hockey League's Sudbury Wolves got blown out 7–2 by the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds Wednesday night, and afterwards tensions were running high. Wolves head coach Paul Fixter didn't appreciate a reporter raising his voice—after yelling "what's the question?!" at said reporter—and let him know about it. … » 10/23/14 8:10pm 10/23/14 8:10pm

Football Coaches' Motivational Gimmicks Have Never Not Been Lame

Spurred by new Raiders interim coach Tony Sparano burying a football (and ideally the 0-4 start), Drew recalled some of the worst and saddest motivational tactics coaches have turned to to inspire their uninspired charges. Today in the Los Angeles Times, Sam Farmer does the same thing, rounding up some of the weirder… » 10/12/14 12:24pm 10/12/14 12:24pm

College Football Coaches, By The Positions They Played

CBS Sports has a fun little exercise to get you ready for the return of college football, which begins in, oh, 27 hours: it's a ranking of the playing careers of each and every FBS head coach. You know who number one is. » 8/26/14 4:12pm 8/26/14 4:12pm

Alabama Fans Sprint For Nick Saban's Autograph

There are few traditions quite like the Running of the Bama Fans, as fans run across the length of Bryant-Denny Stadium to line up for Nick Saban's autograph. AL.com has a pretty great gallery, from staff photographer Vasha Hunt. Here's the video: » 8/04/14 10:05am 8/04/14 10:05am