John Tortorella Will Terrorize The Blue Jackets Now 

All those Blue Jackets players shouldering the blame for their historically woeful start? All that about Columbus seeking to make a trade before considering a coaching change? Everything about John Tortorella not having been contacted by struggling teams? Hooey. Todd Richards has been fired, and Torts is back, baby! »10/21/15 9:48am10/21/15 9:48am

Enjoy The Matt Williams Farce While You Still Can

It is a testament to the Washington Nationals’ dysfunction that the dugout fight between Jonathan Papelbon and Bryce Harper almost made sense compared to everything that came after. A team’s for-hire closer trying to choke the league MVP is one thing, but it’s absolutely inexplicable that manager Matt Williams then… »9/28/15 9:41am9/28/15 9:41am

Florida Coach Jim McElwain Apologizes For Blowing Up At A Player

Jim McElwain says he regrets tearing into junior RB Kelvin Taylor on the sideline after Taylor drew a penalty for a “throat slash” touchdown celebration gesture late in Florida’s 31-24 win over East Carolina on Saturday, saying he’s already heard from his 94-year-old mother that it wasn’t right. »9/14/15 3:20pm9/14/15 3:20pm

Rex Ryan Makes It Damned Clear He Doesn't Miss The Jets

Sports Illustrated’s Jenny Vrentas has a cover story on the Bills’ successful wooing of Rex Ryan, and it’s your standard new-coach-new-team love story—The Bills knew immediately they had found their guy! Ryan’s personality is going to turn this locker room around!—but the real gold is anytime Ryan discusses… »4/15/15 9:06am4/15/15 9:06am

Kings GM Confirms Players Locked Darryl Sutter Out Of The Dressing Room

The prevailing analysis of why the Kings missed out on the playoffs is that they were simply physically exhausted, that so many deep postseason runs and shortened summers finally caught up to the team’s core. It’s a satisfying, unfalsifiable explanation, but the notion that this was a long, unhappy season is backed up… »4/13/15 8:59am4/13/15 8:59am