Lane Kiffin Somehow Has Too Much Integrity For The Coaches' Poll

Earlier this month, the results of the first Coaches' Poll were released. No surprises—LSU first, Alabama second, USC third. In the preseason, the poll is useless except as a talking point, and anonymous unless a coach wants to volunteer that information. Arizona's Rich Rodriguez didn't mind, admitting that he had USC… »8/13/12 11:00am8/13/12 11:00am

Nick Saban Was Irrational For Not Being More Selfish

My favorite family legend involves my dad's baby sister—my "Тетка," in Macedonian—Bonnie. As the story goes, Bonnie's first-grade class organized a Brownie troop, and their first act was to elect a troop leader. When they counted the votes, Bonnie was the only girl who hadn't voted for herself. Upset at this… »12/07/11 6:12pm12/07/11 6:12pm