What Being A Coach Should Mean In The 21st Century

Rutgers gave athletic director Tim Pernetti the boot on Friday after Mike "50 Hot Ones Comin' At Ya!" Rice was shitcanned for turning basketball practice into his own dodgeball refresher course. But because the only thing he did that was truly anathema to the big-time sports hivemind was to get caught, Rice remains… » 4/10/13 2:50pm 4/10/13 2:50pm

The Sabanization Of College Football Is A Total Bummer

Yesterday we lauded San Diego State's Rocky Long for potentially eschewing the kick (field goals or punts) in fourth-down situations, a strategic move that's become something of a totem in the advanced football stats discussion. Today, kind of the opposite: it seems college coaches are lining up to imitate the… » 8/14/12 6:10pm 8/14/12 6:10pm

Jerry Sandusky Apparently Still Coached At A Small College Last Year Even Though He Failed The Background Check

We've already told you about Jerry Sandusky's attempt last year to become a volunteer assistant coach at D-III Juniata College in central Pennsylvania. His effort was thwarted when a background check revealed the inconvenient detail that he was under investigation for something. And even though the check did not… » 12/13/11 3:57pm 12/13/11 3:57pm