Cole Hamels Has Finally Acquired The Multiracial Children Necessary To Recreate His Luxury Condo Ad

Three years ago, we highlighted this bizarre magazine supplement featuring Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi shilling for some Center City real estate. One showed fashion plate Hamels listening to ocean sounds from his very pregnant wife. The other showed the Hamelses and their children, lounging about… »2/07/13 4:05pm2/07/13 4:05pm

Cole Hamels Broke Only One Of Baseball's Unwritten Rules [UPDATE: And Now He's Suspended]

Much has been made of young Bryce Harper's first few days in the majors. He has a cannon for an arm. He gets on base. He makes good with the locals. He steals home. And now he's caused the Phillies' Cole Hamels to pull off what Nationals GM Mike Rizzo considers the most "classless, gutless chickenshit act" in his 30… »5/07/12 2:50pm5/07/12 2:50pm