Colin Farrell, Dead Man Down, And Why It's Pointless For Bloggers To Give Actors Career Advice

It's common for film sites to do some kind of "career advice" column where they analyze a Hollywood star's trajectory and try to figure out what kinds of roles the actor should or shouldn't be doing. Will and I used to do this for The Projector, so I understand the impulse: You see a career that maybe isn't going as… »3/07/13 5:50pm3/07/13 5:50pm


Nothing We Haven't Seen Before: Total Recall, Reviewed.

1. As a skeptic of the original Total Recall, I was ready to give its remake more than a fair shake. My primary issue with the original is how little it does with the film's initial, fantastical Philip K. Dick premise, that the difference between reality and fantasy is not only slim but perhaps irrelevant; that film… »8/03/12 4:30pm8/03/12 4:30pm