ESPN Uses "Street Clothes" Photo Of Kaepernick, Then Decides Otherwise

For some reason, ESPN used a photo of Colin Kaepernick in a backwards hat and regular clothes early Saturday morning while reporting on his "suspicious incident." Usually, a standard photo of him in a uniform would accompany the report. Why the switch? » 4/12/14 11:58am Saturday 11:58am

Colin Kaepernick Responds To Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Via his Twitter account, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has responded to reports about his alleged involvement in a "suspicious incident" that is currently being investigated by the Miami police. He took particular issue with TMZ's report, which stated that Kaepernick is being investigated for sexual assault. » 4/11/14 11:48am 4/11/14 11:48am

Colin Kaepernick, Two Other NFLers Investigated In "Suspicious Incident"

According to Miami police, San Francisco 49ers players Colin Kaepernick and Quinton Patton and Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette are being investigated in connection with what is being called a "suspicious incident" that occurred in Miami earlier this month. [Update: the full incident report can be found at the bottom… » 4/10/14 1:42pm 4/10/14 1:42pm

Colin Kaepernick On Richard Sherman: “Come On”

Colin Kaepernick was in a private room on the sixth floor of a West Side event space, standing in front of a white scrim festooned with corporate logos and posing for photos with a succession of lesser VIPs. He was there as the "surprise guest" of Deadspin's Super Bowl party last night, which is another way of saying he… » 1/30/14 10:45am 1/30/14 10:45am

Richard Sherman Rips Out San Francisco's Heart At The Last Second

It looked like the NFC Championship Game was going to end with a 49ers game-winning drive. Down six points, Colin Kaepernick and company were moving down the field with ease. They were already in the red zone. And then, Richard Sherman happened. » 1/19/14 10:24pm 1/19/14 10:24pm

McDonald's Has 10 Million Pounds Of Unsold Mighty Wings

This fall, McDonald's introduced Mighty Wings, those seasoning sticks vaguely flavored like chicken. Remember those commercials with Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick? They threw footballs for wings! What a world! Anyway, the promotion started with an inventory of 50 million pounds of wings, and there are still 10… » 12/19/13 8:40pm 12/19/13 8:40pm

How ESPN Pulled A Bullshit Colin Kaepernick Story Out Of Thin Air

By pulling out of its partnership with Frontline, ESPN reminded us, yet again, where its newsroom stands. It's second fiddle to the company's business interests. So, let's show you what the flagship show of ESPN's newsroom does in lieu of participating in a documentary that the NFL is afraid of. It's a story that the… » 8/23/13 12:30pm 8/23/13 12:30pm

The Media Has Resorted To Hyping Up Just How Boring Colin Kaepernick's…

Have we run out of storylines yet? Pretty much, yes. After doggedly reporting on the various verbal gaffes and screwy pronouncements emanating from the Ravens and 49ers this week, football writers turned to Colin Kaepernick and decided they needed an identifiable character trait that went beyond "new," "tattooed," and… » 2/03/13 1:05pm 2/03/13 1:05pm

Rick Reilly's Column About Colin Kaepernick Is The Smarmiest Story Of…

The crux of Rick Reilly's latest column for is this: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick should take steps to foster a relationship with his birth mother because Reilly's own adopted daughter has a healthy relationship with her birth mother. No, seriously, that's Reilly's argument, because Rick… » 1/31/13 10:40am 1/31/13 10:40am

Colin Kaepernick's Parents Posed In Front Of A Statue Depicting The…

Satisfactory headline? Satisfactory headline. The Falcons appear to have taken the Pregame Tailgate Extreme Fanzone Sponsored By State Farm deal to a whole new level today. It proved to be a photo opportunity proud parents Rick and Teresa Kaepernick could not pass up: Number 1 in your heart and number i on your… » 1/20/13 1:30pm 1/20/13 1:30pm

Alex Smith Has A Good Shot At Setting An NFL Passing Record This Season

It's been more than a month since Colin Kaepernick became the man in San Francisco. The Niners were 6-2, and Alex Smith's numbers were sparkling—not just for his supposed game-manager image, but up there with anyone in the league. And then Smith took a couple of hard hits in the first half of a game against the Rams.… » 12/19/12 3:25pm 12/19/12 3:25pm