Maybe the College Kids Should Destroy College? 

It is fair to say that, in examining the twin meltdowns at Yale and the University of Missouri, the pundit class has come down against the tactics of the students, who, in both cases, have been militant and aggressive. The writers have seen parts of each protest—Yale students berating a professor, Mizzou students… »11/12/15 5:35pm11/12/15 5:35pm


University Official Chided After Sending Students Sexy Deadspin Article on Female Orgasm

Jude Legiste, a dorm director at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, has been reprimanded after sending a sexually explicit article about helping women reach sexual climax to the nearly 300 students who live in his hall, with the subject line, “You Gone Learn Today!!” »10/06/15 11:35am10/06/15 11:35am

How To Throw A House Show Without Getting Evicted

Getting bands to play at your house might seem like a hackneyed plot only plausible within the confines of movie-fantasy college parties. But grimy, do-it-yourself house shows hold a key quality that makes them far superior to those ridiculous cinematic ragers, wherein models take shots from ice luges funneling rivers… »8/10/15 1:43pm8/10/15 1:43pm

The Racist, Violent Hazing Claims That Killed WKU's D-I Swim Team

Earlier this week, Western Kentucky University suspended its swimming and diving program for five years after conducting a Title IX investigation into hazing allegations. A copy of the criminal complaint filed by former swimmer Collin Craig has been made public, and we now know exactly what got the program in so much… »4/17/15 3:28pm4/17/15 3:28pm

Entire College Rugby Team Suspended Over Recorded 'Fuck a Whore' Chant

One chilly afternoon in late November 2014, a few dozen students at the University of Mary Washington gathered in a house about a half mile off their Fredericksburg, Virginia, campus for a party at a house rented by rugby players. For a Sunday, the mood was raucous, with students belting bar chants in celebration of… »3/23/15 3:20pm3/23/15 3:20pm

Rush After 'A Rape On Campus': A UVA Alum Goes Back to Rugby Road

It's a blue, cold Thursday in January and I'm walking down Rugby Road on the first night of fraternity rush at the University of Virginia, brushing past groups of identical gossiping boys in matching preppy outfits: fleeces, checked oxfords, khakis, boots. "Excuse me," they say politely when our coats touch, then… »1/28/15 11:12am1/28/15 11:12am

Meet The Nearly Naked Calendar Boys Of Ohio State's Band

Back in July, Ohio State fired its band director after it discovered a raunchy band culture that included fake orgasms, explicit songs, and nicknames like "Pat Fenis." Now former band director Jonathan Waters has sued Ohio State. The university recently answered in court and, as part of the court filings, mention… »10/23/14 1:20pm10/23/14 1:20pm

Report: Air Force Football Players Used Date-Rape Drugs At Party

The United States Air Force Academy has called for an Inspector General's investigation of the athletic department after the Colorado Springs Gazette discovered numerous honor code violations among athletes dating back to 2010, including an allegation that members of the football team used roofies to rape women at a… »8/03/14 7:14pm8/03/14 7:14pm

Hazing Investigation: Ohio State Band Members Are Horny And Depraved

The Ohio State University marching band is in some shit after an investigation revealed the band to be more or less Porky's with tubas and kettle drums. A report stemming from the university's two-month investigation has quite a few details on the internal goings-on of the Best Damn Band in the Land, including the… »7/24/14 2:55pm7/24/14 2:55pm

University Hires, Fires SID After Failing To Google Him

Yesterday afternoon, the University of Great Falls (Mont.) hired and fired a new sports information director in the span of two hours., after it was reported that he has a past criminal conviction. The background check UGF ran on Todd Brittingham did not reveal his criminal history. The university could have saved… »4/04/14 10:32am4/04/14 10:32am

Did Tucson Police Go Too Far In Putting Down Arizona Riot?

Despite Tucson police praising their handling of an unruly UA crowd following Saturday night's Wildcat loss to Wisconsin in the Elite Eight, its department of internal affairs will investigate video showing one officer violently blindsiding a female student who was reportedly just trying to get out of the area. »3/31/14 8:53am3/31/14 8:53am

Reporter Captures The Fleeting Glory Of Youth In One Spring Break Photo

Some Alabama students and football players traveled to Florida for their spring break, as many college students do. While posing for a reporter's photos, this well-hydrated motley crew—from the University of Arkansas—posed with their hands, cups, and cigs. One girl in the middle of the photo took it further than that. »3/27/14 10:00pm3/27/14 10:00pm