After All That, The University Of North Dakota Chose A Boring New Nickname

The University of North Dakota has been engaged in a search for a new nickname for the past year, after they decided to end a decade-long battle with the NCAA and at least one Native American tribe and give up their Fighting Sioux nickname. They solicited suggestions online and received thousands, many of them … »11/19/15 9:02am11/19/15 9:02am


A Troll Is Trying To Hijack The University Of North Dakota's Search For A New Nickname

When we last checked in with the University of North Dakota in the spring, they had convened a nickname committee to trawl through thousands of nominations to find something suitable to replace the Fighting Sioux. On July 21, the nickname committee met and agreed on five finalists (but not before sitting through a … »9/15/15 10:12pm9/15/15 10:12pm

Read The Rejected Submissions For North Dakota's New Nickname

The University of North Dakota, until recently known as the Fighting Sioux, is searching for a new nickname for its athletic teams. Back in 2005 the NCAA banned teams with Native American mascots from using their names and logos in postseason play, as well as banning them from hosting postseason games. Yes, the NCAA… »5/04/15 10:20pm5/04/15 10:20pm

Running Coach Fired For Running Boston Marathon

On Wednesday, April 23, Matt Aguero was terminated as the head track and cross country coach of St. Gregory's University in Shawnee, Okla. Unless you keep abreast of internal developments within NAIA sports, you probably missed the news. But hear me out now, because what happened to Aguero will be a familiar story to… »6/05/14 12:08pm6/05/14 12:08pm