Nick Saban Says Alleged Woman-Beating D-Lineman "Still A Good Person"

Former Temple Football Player Arrested On Human Trafficking Charges

Baltimore police have arrested two men, 25-year-old Matt Brown and 30-year-old Anthony Leon Eley Jr., on human trafficking charges. Brown is the son of a prominent Baltimore attorney, and was an all-conference football player at Temple University. » 3/20/15 9:55am 3/20/15 9:55am

Fake Female Ole Miss Fan Used Twitter To Recruit Athletes For Years

A prominent Ole Miss athletics backer known for tweeting at and promoting potential Rebels student-athletes was revealed to be a fake account yesterday, ending years of speculation that the blonde and perky "Analesa Presley" did not exist at all. » 3/13/15 2:40pm 3/13/15 2:40pm

Read The Bullshit Charts A "Scientist" Is Hawking To Sports Teams

Every team wants the perfect draft pick. It's a deceptively simple-sounding goal that haunts every executive in sports, because they are being asked to do the nearly impossible—predict what human beings will do. Sure, every few years a player like Andrew Luck or Bryce Harper comes along who simply can't fail (even… » 3/13/15 1:18pm 3/13/15 1:18pm

Four-Star Recruit Decommits From Oklahoma Because Of Racist Frat Video

Offensive line prospect Jean Delance committed to Oklahoma back in November, and was still all about the Sooners when he visited campus on Saturday—the day before the release of a video showing members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity taking part in a racist chant. Delance pulled out of his commitment yesterday. » 3/10/15 11:16am 3/10/15 11:16am

Dudes Who Allegedly Jumped MSU Players Brag About It On Twitter

Mississippi State football players Dak Prescott, Torrey Dale, and Damian Williams got jumped at a Waka Flocka concert in Panama City, Fla., yesterday, and pictures and videos of the incident were posted all over social media. One of the guys who allegedly attacked the Mississippi State players also hopped on Twitter… » 3/10/15 10:38am 3/10/15 10:38am

Three Mississippi State Football Players Jumped At Waka Flocka Concert

Mississippi State football players Dak Prescott, Torrey Dale, and Damian Williams were reportedly jumped while at a spring break Waka Flocka concert in Panama City (Fla.). News of the incident—as well as pictures—first surfaced on the Elite Dawgs message board, and was confirmed by Panama City police: » 3/09/15 11:08pm 3/09/15 11:08pm

Oklahoma LB Eric Striker To Racist Frat Boys: "Fuck All You Bitches"

The University of Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity chapter has been shut down after video of members conducting a racist chant surfaced over the weekend. In a Snapchat video that made its way onto the internet, Sooners linebacker Eric Striker shared his furious reaction to the incident. » 3/09/15 12:01pm 3/09/15 12:01pm

Arkansas Player Arrested For DWI; Bret Bielema Limits His Car Use

After police arrested Arkansas defensive lineman Tevin Beanum for a DWI early Sunday morning, Razorbacks head coach Bret Bielema didn't completely boot Beanum from the team, but he did hand out an appropriate punishment: Beanum can't use his car except for classes or practice. » 3/02/15 6:54pm 3/02/15 6:54pm

Motivational Speaker Matt Foley Makes His Pitch For Wisconsin Football

The Wisconsin Badgers posted an old clip yesterday of a guy who suspiciously looks and sounds like Chris Farley—doing an impression of motivational speaker Matt Foley—telling kids to go to Wisconsin. Wait a minute, that is Chris Farley. Aw. » 2/25/15 6:32pm 2/25/15 6:32pm

Once-Homeless RB Says He's Ineligible For Not Wanting To Be Homeless…

Baylor running back Silas Nacita became a fan favorite last season when he earned a walk-on roster spot with the Bears after spending a year at community college. Nacita got into Baylor with an academic scholarship, and at the time of his enrollment, he was homeless. According to Nacita, he has now been declared… » 2/25/15 12:59pm 2/25/15 12:59pm

Lawsuit: UNM Interfered With Gang Rape Case Involving Football Players

A former student is suing the University of New Mexico's Board of Regents, alleging the university violated Title IX by failing to properly investigate what happened the night she claims she was drugged and raped, including by several football players. » 2/23/15 4:35pm 2/23/15 4:35pm

The Two Best (And Only) Sixth-Grade Football Prospects

The class of 2021 is shaping up to be a big one, according to recruiting site Rivals. There are already two sixth-grade football prospects with profiles. Meanwhile, the class of 2020 has no one. Those seventh-graders are going to be huge duds. » 2/16/15 12:30pm 2/16/15 12:30pm

Cardale Jones Has An Important Update About Crushing Kids At Video Games

Back in January, Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones visited some kids at the hospital. One of the kids unwisely hopped on the sticks like Jones was going to take it easy on him in the NCAA football video game. Jones did not take it easy, and beat the kid by a reported score of 91-35. Now, more than a month later,… » 2/10/15 4:08pm 2/10/15 4:08pm

An Actual Video Of 6'7", 410 lbs. Motekiai Langi Playing "Football"

Yesterday I wrote that there was no video available of BYU's newest recruit, Motekiai Langi, from the island nation of Tonga. As it turns out there is a very short video of Langi playing something resembling football at a Tuhulu football camp. It doesn't show much, but the "light on his feet" comment certainly is… » 2/05/15 7:57pm 2/05/15 7:57pm

Bobby Petrino Is Still Scum

Bobby Petrino's coaching career has been a series of escapes. Not even one year after signing a 10-year extension with Louisville, he jumped to the Atlanta Falcons; bailed on the NFL after 13 games; went to Arkansas, where got the boot after wrecking his motorcycle with his mistress on the back; hopped to Western… » 2/05/15 1:05pm 2/05/15 1:05pm

BYU Signs 6'7", 410 lbs. Hulk Based On Two Year Old Pickup BBall Game 

The most intriguing news out of signing day—at least for those who find tracking every tiny movement a bit weird—was that a 6'7", 410 pound manchild signed a letter of intent to play football at BYU. The problem was, nobody knew jack shit about Motekiai Langi. No grainy highlight reel, no photos of him in a football… » 2/05/15 12:41am 2/05/15 12:41am