Let's Look At All The Shitheads Who Thought A Playoff Was A Bad Idea

We'll start with the obvious, which is that the college football playoff was fucking awesome and I am happy that it finally exists. It returned meaningful football games to New Year's Day, which I had missed dearly. It amplified the importance of regular season games, rather than diluting them. It ginned up the… »1/13/15 11:12am1/13/15 11:12am

Police Use Tear Gas, Pepper Spray To Break Up OSU Celebrations

As soon as the Buckeyes finished off their championship, fans and students flooded the streets on and around Ohio State's campus. They were largely well-behaved, but it didn't matter: after about 90 minutes, authorities cleared out the area with mounted police, riot cops, liberal use of pepper spray, and even three… »1/13/15 9:05am1/13/15 9:05am

Your 2015 College Football Playoff Cheat Sheet

College football begins a new era today. After years of frustration with the Bowl Championship Series, there's finally a playoff to crown a national champion. If you haven't followed the season closely to this point but want to follow along, here's a quick rundown of what you should know about each team, and their… »1/01/15 10:23am1/01/15 10:23am

Video: Art Briles Confronts Bob Bowlsby Over Big 12 "Co-Champs" Snub

Reader Alex L. sends along video he shot of Baylor coach Art Briles confronting Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby following the Bears' win over Kansas State on Friday. Briles said he was angry at the conference's insistence on co-champions—something he (accurately) predicted would strand Baylor on the outside of the… »12/08/14 12:25pm12/08/14 12:25pm

The New College Football Playoff Thumbs Its Nose At The NCAA

ESPN's Brett McMurphy landed himself an outwardly banal but actually notable scoop today: The new four-team college football playoff, the one emerging from the BCS's ashes after the 2014 regular season, will call itself the College Football Playoff. (We hope the marketing consultants billed at a discounted rate for… »4/23/13 6:21pm4/23/13 6:21pm

The College Football Playoff Is The Best Sports Innovation Of Our Generation

I remember being baffled by college football from the very beginning. I was the only sports fan in my family. My parents didn't give a shit about sports. My brother and sister didn't give a shit about sports. If I wanted to learn how different sports functioned—how to watch them—I was more or less on my own. Football… »6/27/12 12:14pm6/27/12 12:14pm

Let's Settle This College Football Playoff Problem Right Now

I know we go through this every single year and we just go round and round talking past each other and arguing about this pro and that con and then 12 months later we end up right back where we started—complaining about the Florida Gators. But when even the President-Elect of the United States is being asked to weigh… »11/17/08 12:30pm11/17/08 12:30pm