College Football Previews: #19 Illinois

You know what my favorite part about college football is? It's that there are so few games — some teams only play 11. 11! — that you can legitimately go through and predict every game that every team in Division I-A (or whatever the hell it's called) plays. It doesn't even take that much time! You can do this with… » 8/14/08 11:30am 8/14/08 11:30am

College Football Previews: #21 South Florida

Andrew Hutchins aka Deadspin commenter Rock You Like An Iracane takes off his Florida Gator blinders and dives into the murky waters of South Florida Bull lore. When he's not rocking the commenter threads Hutchins can be found blogging at The Arena. Just to refresh your memory South Florida was truly the team that… » 8/13/08 5:15pm 8/13/08 5:15pm