Towson University Preemptively Called Police Before Telling The Men's Baseball And Soccer Teams They Were Cut From The Budget

In October, Towson University athletic director Mike Waddell recommended that his employer cut two sports—men's baseball and soccer—for reasons related Title IX compliance and "to make the remaining programs more competitive." Days later, Towson parents flew a plane over Ravens stadium trailing a banner that read… »3/09/13 1:55pm3/09/13 1:55pm

Women's Soccer Player Tries To Waste Time By Throwing The Ball Directly At Her Opponent's Face, Twice

The first time the Amherst player throws it in off the Colby player's face, you figure it's an accident. Maybe trying to play it off her torso to herself? Whatever, she apologizes, and tries again. And then, bam, you realize you're watching a true NESCAC blood feud. Amherst defender Emily Little was assessed a… »11/05/12 2:25pm11/05/12 2:25pm

Here's Video Of That UC Santa Barbara Soccer Player Shoving A Referee

This much was certain yesterday: Peter McGlynn, a senior defender for the UC Santa Barbara men's soccer team, had done something to harm an official after first earning both yellow and red cards during the Gauchos' overtime loss to UC Davis. As we told you last night, McGlynn was taken from the field in handcuffs… »10/29/12 4:35pm10/29/12 4:35pm

A UC Santa Barbara Soccer Player Was Handcuffed On The Field And Removed From A Game For Punching A Referee

Either during overtime or directly after a loss to UC Davis today, UC Santa Barbara defender (and one-time Second Team All-Big West selection) Peter McGlynn punched a referee that had just tossed him from the game. One early account said McGlynn punched the head official after a 2-1 overtime loss, another said McGlynn… »10/28/12 11:59pm10/28/12 11:59pm

Biker Uses Woman's Belt To Hogtie Driver Who Nearly Killed U. Of Texas Soccer Player

Kylie Doniak is a four-year University of Texas soccer player who was among a group of people hit by a car in downtown Austin last Friday morning. Of those in the crowd, Kylie got the worst of it, suffering a "significant head injury, multiple rib fractures, a punctured lung and a large laceration to her back. Both… »2/07/12 8:30pm2/07/12 8:30pm

Ah Yes, The Old "Off The Back Of The Defender's Skull" Own Goal

In keeping with our mission to bring you the latest in Midwestern religious college soccer, we happily present a moment from this weekend's Oklahoma Baptist-MidAmerica Nazarene showdown. The OBU Bison keeper will be seeing this one in his dreams for a while, but we're particularly taken with the cameraman's… »9/20/11 11:30am9/20/11 11:30am