Suit: Second Former St. Joseph's Softball Player Says She Was Hazed

A second former softball player has sued St. Joseph’s University and its softball team coach, Terri Adams, saying she was forced to endure hazing and was threatened when members of the team believed she was the source of a media report about it. The lawsuit was filed earlier this month in federal court, 16 days after … » 6/23/15 9:57am 6/23/15 9:57am

Female Athletes Play Fair And Keep Things In Perspective. How I Loathe Them

This occurred Saturday, but women's softball news tends to travel slowly, if at all. In an amazing display of sportsmanship, some Central Washington University players helped a Western Oregon opponent round the bases to complete a home run after the batter had injured her knee. This also once happened to me in… » 5/01/08 12:35pm 5/01/08 12:35pm

Softball Players Are No Good At Word Games

Burnt Orange Nation ran an interview with former Texas softball pitcher Cat Osterman on Monday, at the end of which Osterman was asked to play a little word association (a recurring BON interview theme). While obviously a talented hurler, Osterman sadly bobbled this assignment. Instead of shooting back with the first… » 7/05/07 12:36pm 7/05/07 12:36pm