Vandy Player Squares To Bunt, Takes Fastball To The Neck

Vanderbilt rightfielder Rhett Wiseman was a third-round pick in this year’s MLB draft, but after catching a fastball to the neck from TCU’s Tyler Alexander in the first inning of tonight’s College World Series game, we can’t imagine he was thinking much about his upcoming payday with the Nationals. »6/19/15 8:24pm6/19/15 8:24pm


The Secretly Recorded Videos That Got A Raging Baseball Coach Suspended

On April 17, Rick Vanderhook, the head coach of the Cal State Fullerton Titans, a powerhouse in Division I college baseball, was placed on administrative leave. He returned to the team a month later, but the reason for his brief absence remained a mystery. Now, thanks to documents obtained from Cal State Fullerton… »6/25/14 3:54pm6/25/14 3:54pm

The Downfall Of Civilization Will Be A Foul Ball

There's no real explanation for it, but getting a foul ball—or any other ball that finds its way into the stands—is pretty exciting. It's an unexpected physical reminder of an event. I have a foul ball I got from a spring training game on my desk. I don't know why I keep it—Hey, wanna check out my Jason Giambi foul… »6/17/13 10:32pm6/17/13 10:32pm

Baseball Player Who Said He'd Never Live In Racist South Carolina Assigned To South Carolina Team

Outfielder Robert Refsnyder, who was born in South Korea, took some heckling from South Carolina fans at the College World Series last month when his Arizona Wildcats beat the Gamecocks. Refsnyder ran to Twitter and declared he "will never live in South Carolina because they can't accept Asians playing baseball." More… »7/11/12 1:45pm7/11/12 1:45pm

There Was An Entire Team Of Idiots On The Field At The College World Series Last Night

Arizona ended South Carolina's streak of College World Series championships with a 4-1 win last night in a game interrupted yet again by Idiots On The Field. It's the third time this CWS that there's been such a field invasion, and a team effort: an alleged seven fans ran out of the seats at once. »6/26/12 12:15pm6/26/12 12:15pm

Josh Cribbs Organized A Kent State Fan Road Trip To Watch The College World Series

As Kent State and Arkansas get under way in the College World Series, let's pause for a moment to discuss something we actually like. Josh Cribbs, Cleveland Browns kickoff return wizard and Kent State alum, organized a bus trip for the Kent State family, shuttling diehard baseball fans 14 hours to Omaha, Nebraska,… »6/16/12 5:45pm6/16/12 5:45pm

The Odds Ever Favor The Truly Regional NCAA Baseball Bracket

The NCAA has just announced its baseball championship bracket, to approximately one billionth of the fanfare that its annual orgy of uneducated guesswork, the basketball championships, engenders. But take a moment to appreciate the symmetry, and the humble nature of the appropriately named Regionals, that constitute… »5/28/12 12:38pm5/28/12 12:38pm

South Carolina Athletic Director Welcomes Back Champion Team Of "Ice Cold Cocks"

The University of South Carolina held its second straight welcome home rally for its national champion baseball team on Wednesday. Everyone cheered and said nice things about the Gamecocks, and then it was Athletic Director Eric Hyman's turn to speak. Hyman said some more nice things, and then he closed with a… »6/30/11 5:10pm6/30/11 5:10pm

Dumb Kid Tells Erin Andrews He's Going To Watch Her Video; Erin Andrews Tells Dumb Kid Off

Erin Andrews was on-site to cover the College World Series this week last year when a young autograph-seeker — a 12-year-old boy, according to this YouTube user — yelled out from the stands, "I'm gonna watch your video tomorrow!" Andrews looked directly at him and took a few steps forward and asked him to repeat… »6/22/11 5:35pm6/22/11 5:35pm