Hey, Soccer Guy, Yanking A Goat's Horns Is A Dumb Way To Celebrate Goals

We aren't exactly clear what Cologne's Anthony Ujah was going for with this goal celebration involving club mascot Hennes the goat—is he miming riding it? are the horns like motorcycle handlebars?—but what we're quite certain of is ol' Hennes isn't digging it. » 3/09/15 6:39pm 3/09/15 6:39pm

Cowboys RB Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Cologne And Underwear

Cowboys backup running back Joseph Randle had himself a decent game on Sunday, rushing for 52 yards on just five carries while helping to spell starter DeMarco Murray against the Seahawks. The next day, Randle celebrated by going to Dillard's and allegedly stealing some stuff. » 10/14/14 11:06am 10/14/14 11:06am

That Yankees Cologne Is Apparently A Huge Hit

Remember the Yankees cologne? The one that our fragrance experts described as a "the Justin Bieber of scents?" The one that they also complained was far too expensive. It's a hit. Per Sports Business Daily: » 7/06/12 3:45pm 7/06/12 3:45pm

Our Experts Review The Yankees' New Cologne, The $50 "Justin Bieber Of…

This month, the Yankees introduced a new men's cologne (a women's fragrance will also be available at Macy's soon; it's already available at Yankee Stadium). Here's how they describe the "New York Yankees™ Eau de Toilette": » 4/25/12 3:25pm 4/25/12 3:25pm