Colorado High School Sexting Scandal Costs Football Team Its Playoff Spot

Cañon City High School is just like most other high schools in the country, in that it’s full of libidinous teenagers and has a football team. Unfortunately for fans of the Cañon City Tigers, those two factors intersected and ultimately cost the football team its shot at a playoff spot, as a wave of suspensions in the… »11/07/15 10:26am11/07/15 10:26am


Boom Or Bust: 48 Hours At Leadville's Treacherous Ultramarathon

After 99.75 miles and more than 16 hours of running, Thomas Lorblanchet comes striding slowly down 6th Street in Leadville, Colo. It's almost 9 on an August night, and as he crests a small hill, his way is lit only by his headlamp and the glowing light from the one-story houses that line the street. His strides are… »12/10/12 1:34pm12/10/12 1:34pm