Denver Mayor Doesn't Know CSU Coach's Name; CSU Coach Gets All Sad

Despite the fact that the University of Colorado and Colorado State University both have garbage-ass football programs, the two schools like to make a very big deal out of their annual early-season meeting, which is dubbed "The Rocky Mountain Showdown" and played in the Broncos' stadium. So of course Denver Mayor… »9/03/14 4:51pm9/03/14 4:51pm

Wyoming Fans Chanted "Alcoholic!" At A Coach Who's A Recovering Alcoholic

File this one next to Duke fans (maybe) chanting "How's your grandma?" at a player whose grandmother had recently died. Next month, Colorado State basketball coach Larry Eustachy will have been sober for 10 years. It's also been 10 years since Eustachy was infamously photographed drinking with students at Iowa State »3/07/13 6:00pm3/07/13 6:00pm