Report: RGIII Benched, Colt McCoy To Start Against Indianapolis

Earlier today it seemed Jay Gruden really wanted to bench Robert Griffin III, and according to a report from Adam Schefter (and confirmed by Mike Jones), he's finally done it. Schefter, citing a team source, says that Colt McCoy will be Washington's starting quarterback when they take on Indianapolis on Sunday, not… »11/25/14 11:29pm11/25/14 11:29pm


PR Guy Pulls Colt McCoy Away From ESPN Deportes Interview: "No Means No"

Colt McCoy was the hero of tonight's big Washington win over Dallas, and so it figures that he'd be doing the run through of all the ESPN networks—given they hold the broadcast rights to Monday Night games, after all. Turns out a PR handler doesn't want McCoy talking to ESPN's Spanish-language Deportes network, though. »10/28/14 12:52am10/28/14 12:52am

Paul Ryan Mistook Colt McCoy For Brandon Weeden At Browns Practice Today

The Browns aren't that bad. We told you that last week, before they defeated the Bengals on Sunday, but if you needed more proof, here it is: vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan visited Cleveland's practice facility today. (Ryan's a diehard Packers fan, but politics compels people to do strange things. Condoleezza… »10/17/12 3:40pm10/17/12 3:40pm

Colt McCoy's Father Says His Son Doesn't Remember The End Of Last Night's Game

This is what Colt McCoy looked like after James Harrison launched himself into McCoy's face with the crown of his helmet last night. It obviously wasn't a good idea for the Browns to put McCoy back into the game. But after only one play, they did just that. And five plays after Harrison's hit, McCoy threw an… »12/09/11 3:05pm12/09/11 3:05pm