Columbus Crew Get Rid Of The Worst Logo In Sports

American soccer culture is formed by the continual tension between copying the traditions and behaviors of soccer abroad, and creating something uniquely American. With the United States Men's National Team firmly established as good but not great and MLS coming into its own as neither a retirement nor a development… »10/08/14 9:48pm10/08/14 9:48pm

Today's Fox Sports Ohio MLS Broadcast Featured Two Goals By The Crew, Two Bare Breasts Of A Crew Supporter [NSFW]

The final home game in many sports is considered Fan Appreciation Day, in which the players acknowledge supporters with giveaways and the like. It seems one member of the Columbus Crew Nordecke wanted to show her appreciation in a very special way—and gave the broadcasters a bit of a start. [FSO] »10/28/12 6:18pm10/28/12 6:18pm

Dude, I Think Stryper Won A Trophy or Something

Michael Bertin writes regularly about soccer for Deadspin. »11/24/08 12:45pm11/24/08 12:45pm Frankie Hejduk has been in MLS for nine years. He's done five seasons in Europe four of which were with Bayern Levekusen, including the infamous 1999-2000 campaign when the side needed only a draw against tiny Unterhaching on the last day of the season to win…