Even After Seven TDs, Peyton Manning Can't Escape John Elway's Shadow

According to the Columbus Dispatch, it was ol' No. 7 who put a historic hurting on the Baltimore Ravens last night. There's never really a good excuse for mistaking John Elway for Peyton Manning, but this definitely shouldn't happen the morning after a record-setting performance like the one Manning gave last night. »9/06/13 9:30am9/06/13 9:30am


Headline Above Newspaper's Blowjob Pantomime Photo: "Taking Hard Hit To Chin"

Yesterday, we all had a good laugh at the Columbus Dispatch's photo of the pivotal play from Monday night's Red Wings-Blue Jackets game. Something something Damien Brunner scored a shootout goal something something we think the Red Wings won something something ... oh, look: That fan in the front row to the right… »1/23/13 3:10pm1/23/13 3:10pm

The Bengals Really Could Break Their 8,400-Day Playoff Winless Streak Today

For a summer in college I interned for the sports department of the Columbus Dispatch, which sent me for a few days to cover Cincinnati Bengals training camp. The 1990s had just come to a close—a dismal era even by the Bengals' standards—and the beat writers killed time during practice by stumping one another with… »1/05/13 2:40pm1/05/13 2:40pm