T.J. Simers Trolled The Dodgers, And Matt Treanor Wanted To Fight Him

At the heart of it, a good percentage of sports columns are only about trolling. "What's wrong with Wes Welker?" "Jay Cutler just can't win." These things are written to play the contrarian, and to get a rise, and they tend to work because fans either enjoy being goaded, or can't let the effort pass without getting… »9/12/12 11:15am9/12/12 11:15am

The Florida Basketball Team Has No Comment On Premarital Sex

A reporter for the Orlando Sentinel attended the Florida Gators' press conference yesterday to ask Billy Donovan and Chandler Parsons about premarital sex, and then he wrote nearly 800 words about how the BYU honor code "lifted college athletics up." Donovan passed on the question — "How hard would it be to recruit… »3/24/11 12:30pm3/24/11 12:30pm