Koby Clemens Will Likely Catch His Father's Next Start For The Sugar Land Skeeters

As we first reported last week, the Roger Clemens Magical Mystery Comeback Tour will continue this Friday in Sugar Land, Texas, as the hometown Skeeters take on the Long Island Ducks. Now, it appears that for his second start, Skeeters ace Roger Clemens may have a familiar face framing his pitches behind the plate. TV… »9/05/12 9:20am9/05/12 9:20am

Carolina Panthers Linebacker Thomas Davis Attempting Comeback From Third ACL Reconstruction On Same Knee

Thomas Davis injured his knee during the second game of the season. An MRI would later reveal his third ACL tear on the same knee. Despite his ultimately unsuccessful attempts to come back from ACL reconstruction on two prior occasions, Davis thinks he is going to make history. »2/19/12 6:13pm2/19/12 6:13pm

Nobody Came To T.O.'s Workout Except NFL Network, Who Spent An Hour Talking About Shirts

Terrell Owens is attempting a quick comeback from his rumored April surgery to repair a torn ACL, but his workout show Tuesday played to an empty crowd. That didn't keep NFL Network—led by Andrew Siciliano, Charles Davis, and Lindsay Soto—from dedicating a full hour to coverage, which proved to be a slow descent… »10/25/11 5:48pm10/25/11 5:48pm

Wolverhampton Fans Taunt "Know-Nothing" Coach, Leave And Miss Team's Comeback

When you're a football club in the English Premier League, you're not supposed to lose to teams freshly promoted from the minors. That's what the Wolverhampton Wolves with a 3-0 drubbing delivered by QPR in September. And that's what it looked like the Wolverhampton Wolves were about to do against Swansea City this… »10/22/11 3:00pm10/22/11 3:00pm

40-Year-Old Sheryl Swoopes Unretires To Join Something Called "Tulsa Shock"

Sheryl Swoopes retired from the WNBA in 2008 after averaging 7 and 4 for the Seattle Storm, her worst such figures as a pro. As of 2005, Swoopes endorsed lesbian cruise line Olivia, so presumably she redeemed some vouchers to travel to Greece last year. There she played for Ravenna Esperides, alongside such luminaries… »3/28/11 1:55pm3/28/11 1:55pm

Charlie Davies Returns To Soccer With A Two-Goal Game For D.C. United

Seventeen months after getting seriously injured in a car wreck that cost him a shot at a 2010 World Cup roster spot, Charlie Davies returned to the pitch in D.C. United's season opener against Columbus last night. He scored on a penalty kick in the 63rd minute, and added a second goal about 15 minutes later when… »3/20/11 10:30am3/20/11 10:30am