Who Has The Best Super-Dick At Comic Con?

The 2015 Comic Con floor is open, which means hundreds of thousands of fans will soon be filing in to talk with comic creators, buy sweet commissioned drawings at Artist’s Alley, and, of course, check out some statues of superheroes wearing skintight costumes that show off their dick bulges. Deadspin investigates. »7/09/15 3:38pm7/09/15 3:38pm


The Perfect Comic-Book Movie. The Avengers, Reviewed.

1. The Avengers is a superhero movie so fun, full of so much pure fanboy-wank joy wrapped up in an accessible, relentlessly entertaining package, that I'm not sure anybody needs to make any more comic-book movies; this one might wrap it up. (One suspects they'll still find a way.) Made by and for—but, crucially, not … »5/04/12 12:59pm5/04/12 12:59pm

What Movies From the '90s Will Critics Include In Sight & Sound's Top 10 (AKA The Only Poll That Matters)?

These days, there are so many film polls and online Top 10 lists that the idea of ranking movies can seem rather old hat. But amid all that list-bait, there is one movie poll taken more seriously than all others: Sight & Sound's once-a-decade poll of the greatest films of all time. The British film magazine has been… »5/03/12 5:20pm5/03/12 5:20pm

What The Avengers Means For The Future Of Comic-Book Movies

Tomorrow, Marvel's The Avengers will open in certain parts of the globe—not the U.S., which won't see the film until May 4—and Marvel's four-year odyssey of laying the groundwork for this action blockbuster will finally be over. It's been an impressive run commercially, if not always critically. (Captain America: The… »4/24/12 3:55pm4/24/12 3:55pm