Remembering a Miracle in the Early Days of Sports Video Games

The score was 4 to 3, two outs in the ninth, when I woke up on the couch. No one was on base. "I don't need to see this," I said. "Nah, stick around," Dad said. I had two games that day, the World Series on TV, and Hardball! on my Commodore 64. If the Los Angeles Dodgers didn't win one, I'd make them win the other. » 10/15/13 8:12pm 10/15/13 8:12pm

Red Wings Defenseman Mike Commodore Considering Jersey Number 64

Mike Commodore (@commie22 on Twitter) is not a particularly special hockey player. He's a -10 with 104 career points in 454 games, with a Stanley Cup and some great accompanying red beards. He just signed a one-year deal with the Red Wings. » 7/07/11 7:15pm 7/07/11 7:15pm

The Binder That Ties You To A Game

My junior year of college, my roommate Scot played Dr. J vs. Larry Bird on an Apple II, the game's original platform, always taking Bird. Scot had a Three Ring Binder. After each score he'd put down that boxy joystick… [ Kotaku » 4/16/11 5:00pm 4/16/11 5:00pm]