The Competitive-Balance Argument Against Paying Athletes Is Bullshit

High on the list of myths thrown out as excuses to delay or prevent the advent of pay-for-play is that the price-fixing engaged in by the 351 schools in Division 1, and especially the now 128 schools in FBS who play football, is necessary to ensure competitive balance across the sport. » 5/15/14 2:16pm 5/15/14 2:16pm

The NBA Keeps Lying About Competitive Balance

If there's one thing to know about management's position in the lockout, it's this: The competitive balance issue isn't about competitive balance. It's about extracting money from the players' pockets and giving it to the owners. Remember that. Cross-stich it onto a decorative throw pillow. Print it on your… » 10/21/11 10:20am 10/21/11 10:20am