A List Of Things Old People Are Pussies About

Recently a woman eating at a North Carolina McDonald's found a butter swastika on the inside of her bun. Now, you might think that we are all defiantly anti-swastika out there, but some of the comments on a news story about the incident proved otherwise, including one that concluded with the following: » 8/11/14 4:39pm 8/11/14 4:39pm

Area Couple Offended By "Loud, Sexualized, Pagan" Olympics

There is nothing in the world like the letters to the editor section of a small newspaper. Remember the Ohio man who wanted the "bisexual" buckeye removed as the state tree? By definition, the people who write these things have too much time on their hands and a capacity for outrage that only kicks in at age 60. So we… » 8/22/12 11:20am 8/22/12 11:20am

Member Of Prestigious Golf Club Scolds Others For Pissing On The…

Piedmont Driving Club is synonymous with one word: prestige. Well, as of a few minutes ago it was, anyway. Recently, one aggrieved member wrote a letter to the club's president, John R. Holder, detailing the predominantly naked and drunken tomfoolery at a members golf tournament. You can find that letter below. » 5/30/12 3:38pm 5/30/12 3:38pm

Here Are Some Angry Letters People Sent To The FCC After M.I.A. Flipped…

Maybe this doesn't need to be said, but normal people don't complain to the FCC. It's not that they don't get offended: it's just that it takes a hell of a lot more to offend them than the sort of thing that actually makes it on television. Like M.I.A. slipping a middle finger past NBC censors. Not the end of the… » 3/19/12 1:15pm 3/19/12 1:15pm