Wow, This New York Times Reporter Sure Likes to Yell at Brands on Twitter

People use Twitter for different reasons. Celebrities use it to self-promote, teens use it to talk about Selena Gomez, and I use it to share my own dumb thoughts with the world. New York Times tech reporter Vindu Goel, however, often uses it to interact with brands—specifically, to yell at them when he’s displeased.


Member Of Prestigious Golf Club Scolds Others For Pissing On The Greens, Cavorting In The Nude, Picking Up A Golf Ball With "Naked Butt Cheeks," And Much More

Piedmont Driving Club is synonymous with one word: prestige. Well, as of a few minutes ago it was, anyway. Recently, one aggrieved member wrote a letter to the club's president, John R. Holder, detailing the predominantly naked and drunken tomfoolery at a members golf tournament. You can find that letter below.