It's A Freebie Week At Baseball Prospectus

If you're not already a subscriber — we are, because it's a tax writeoff, baby — you can check out the Baseball Prospectus merchandise for free over the next week and a half. (The highlight of Sweeps Week is, of course, a chat with A's general manager Billy Beane). » 7/27/05 6:11pm 7/27/05 6:11pm

Those Partying Sabremetricians

Now, we're not saying that the sainted members of the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) are complete dorks or anything, but witness these earth-scorching quotes from their announcement that the 2006 SABR convention will be held in Seattle. » 7/25/05 5:33pm 7/25/05 5:33pm

Proving Once Again: Best-Selling Authors Are Morons

The book Freakonomics has become a mammoth bestseller, with its askew looks on just about every measure of economic analysis. As would have to inevitably happen, one of those askew looks ended up landing on baseball, specifically Michael Lewis' own bestseller Moneyball and the Oakland A's. Author Stephen A. Levitt… » 7/25/05 12:21pm 7/25/05 12:21pm

Clemens Sets Nerd Stat Record

If the sabermetric nerds ran the planet, Roger Clemens would have been carried off the Minute Maid Park field last night. In a 9-0 loss to the Reds, Clemens, according to The Hardball Times' Lee Sinins, set the all-time record in the RSAA (Runs Saved Against Average) statistic. What does that mean? We're not sure,… » 5/31/05 11:53am 5/31/05 11:53am

And You Thought The Baseball Prospectus Guys Were Nerdy

Because cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's and Robin Williams have all been cured, scientists are now tackling the big issues: How To Hit A Baseball. (Because you know these dorks were cut from the tee-ball team.) In an article in American Scientist magazine, three eggheads explain the physics of baseball, specifically in… » 5/26/05 12:50pm 5/26/05 12:50pm

Baseball Prospectus Nerds Make Our Head Explode

We love the Baseball Prospectus guys. They're fun, they're smart, they're scrappy and they're usually right. But sometimes they exhaust us. In a story about the offensive explosion of the last decade (subscription required), they produce the above graph. » 5/24/05 12:59pm 5/24/05 12:59pm

Carlos Zambrano's Internet Addiction

It's a shame the Chicago Sun-Times had to go and ruin all our fun; they've refuted the story that Carlos Zambrano's recent injury woes were due to too much time on the computer. The Cubs say that Zambrano's injury is not carpal tunnel syndrome, though they admit they did ask him to spend less time online. Zambrano… » 5/23/05 9:12am 5/23/05 9:12am