Pablo Sandoval Foul Ball Smashes Reporter's Laptop's Reds reporter Mark Sheldon had the first version of his game story all written up and ready to file, but he wanted to wait until the third out of the top of the eighth. With two outs, Pablo Sandoval fouled a ball into the Cincinnati press box, smashing the shit out of Sheldon's computer. » 6/04/14 11:26am 6/04/14 11:26am

Heart of Blandness: A Walking Tour of Silicon Valley

Walking is the only pleasant form of traveling by land. You need no special equipment, training, money, e-tickets, antidepressants, or Twitter followers. Whatever clothes you're wearing will do fine; a hat and shoes are optional. When I've got a few days to spend somewhere, I spend them walking around. So I spent a… » 2/28/14 5:44pm 2/28/14 5:44pm

Who Are The Computers Voting For? We Ask Siri And Others For Advice

I'm about to go vote, and I haven't read up much on the issues. I don't know which candidate loves America more or who has the bigger penis. So I asked the only objective sources I could find: computers. In case you're still on the fence, I've copied their advice below. » 11/06/12 10:15am 11/06/12 10:15am

Everybody's Taking Photos With Cam Newton's Stolen Computer

The bad news about Cam Newton's defenestration of a stolen laptop when police arrived: it broke. The good news: all the tech folks tasked with fixing it got to have a little fun first. » 12/17/10 12:00pm 12/17/10 12:00pm