The Copa América Centenario Is Going To Be Awesome

South America’s continental championship, the Copa América, has never received the prestige it perhaps deserves. Despite being contested among some of world soccer’s great powers, like Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay, it has never risen to the level of consciousness of the World Cup, the Euros, the Olympics, and maybe… »11/19/15 8:48pm11/19/15 8:48pm


The United States Cap-Tied Two Very Good Dual Nationals Last Night

The United States started off their World Cup Qualifying campaign in St. Louis last night with a 6-1 win against Caribbean minnows St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The result was as expected and there’s nothing substantial to be gleaned from how the team played, aside from the fact that they allowed St. Vincent to… »11/14/15 10:29am11/14/15 10:29am

U.S. Soccer Loses To Honduras, Gets Into Big Shoving Match

Honduras beat the USA U-23s 2-0 in the semifinals of the Olympic qualifying tournament today. The United States played without creativity, and resorted to medieval soccer, just kind of hacking it up to their taller players for most of the second half. The frustration built up after Jordan Morris had an goal unfairly… »10/10/15 5:24pm10/10/15 5:24pm

Costa Rica Manager Resigns After Brawling With Security Guard At Match

As expected, Costa Rica national team manager Paulo Wanchope resigned today, one day after he got into a videotaped brawl with a security guard at an Olympic qualifier. According to the Tico Times, Wanchope remorsefully said “We’re all human and sometimes we can lose our senses, and yesterday I lost my senses… »8/12/15 10:24pm8/12/15 10:24pm

Costa Rica Coach Paulo Wanchope Exchanges Blows With Man At U-23 Match

Costa Rica and Panama’s U-23 teams met in Panama City Tuesday night as part of qualifying for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The match ended in a scoreless draw, and the real fireworks came after the final whistle blew. As recorded by Panamanian journalist Jhony Mosquera, that’s Costa Rican head coach Paulo Wanchope… »8/12/15 12:44am8/12/15 12:44am

Jeffrey Webb Secures $10 Million Bond With A Shitload Of Luxury Goods

Jeffrey Webb, the former FIFA vice-president and CONCACAF president, was one of the men arrested in Switzerland in May on corruption charges. Since he didn’t fight his extradition from Switzerland, he was the first of those arrested to be extradited to the United States to face the charges. … »7/20/15 9:31pm7/20/15 9:31pm

How The FIFA Busts Reach The Heart Of NASL

When authorities barged into Zurich and snatched up nine FIFA officials and five corporate executives, and Sepp Blatter followed up with his resignation, the world rejoiced. But just because justice is seemingly—finally—being visited upon those who deserved it, there are still victims, and the North American Soccer… »6/08/15 5:36pm6/08/15 5:36pm

Mexican Bicycle Goal Celebration Is Complicated

You've seen plenty of bicycle kicks, but have you ever seen a bicycle goal celebration? Mexico's Alejandro Díaz Liceaga broke it out after scoring his second goal against Cuba today in a CONCACAF U-20 tournament match. El Tri is defending its title, and doing so in brutal fashion—they're up 6-1 at halftime. »1/10/15 3:55pm1/10/15 3:55pm

Trinidad And Tobago Women's Soccer Team Could Use Help With Meal Money

Trinidad and Tobago just made it to the United States for the final round of qualifying for the 2015 Women's World Cup, a goal the island nation has never achieved in its 23 years of fielding a women's soccer team. It's not going to be easy: the "Soca Princesses" have arrived with, quite literally, not much more than… »10/08/14 1:13pm10/08/14 1:13pm

Will U.S. Soccer Destroy Itself Before World Cup Qualifying Is Through?

Tonight, the U.S. will beat Costa Rica, or it will beat itself. It's game two of the Hexagonal round, in which each team plays every other, home and away. The top three qualify for the 2014 World Cup, while the fourth has to fight the Oceania region's champ for scraps. After one match, the Americans sit alone in… »3/22/13 6:00pm3/22/13 6:00pm